How can I put a background image in Word? Word is the text writing program most used by everyone, and we are talking about a digital platform that allows us to create written work quickly and efficiently.

Based on this, it is important to know that Word, in addition to allowing us to write jobs, also has a series of functions that allow us to add images, photos, and effects to our written work that make it even more striking and professional.

This is why we will now learn how to put a background image in wordto add to our editorial work images that accompany the text.

To add a background image in Word on Windows

  • We go to the tab “design” of Word.
  • we select “watermark” and “custom watermark”.
  • we select “image watermark” and select the image that we want to place in Word.
  • We deactivate “discolor”.
  • we select “accept” and ready.

This is the entire procedure to follow when it comes to adding images to Word from Windows. Now let’s look at another case.

To add a background image in Word on macOS

  • We’re going to “design” and we select “watermark”.
  • we select “image” and “select image”.
  • You must choose the folder from which you want to extract the image and immediately select the desired image.
  • we select “insert”.
  • We deactivate the box “discolor” and ready.

This is the other procedure that we can carry out to place an image in Word but in this case in macOs.

It is also vitally important to turn on removing this image in case it is no longer required and you prefer to remove it, and we will do this as follows.

How to remove the background image of Word?

  • We’re going to “design”.
  • we select “watermark”.
  • Click on “no watermark” and ready.

Follow these simple steps for each case, allowing Word to have a background image that has to do with the writing content.

We speak in a simple and fast way of put a background image that manages to give that additional touch to the work we are doing, especially if we talk about writing jobs that require an illustrative for a better presentation.

It is also important to know that if the image is not wanted in the background, then what should be done is insert the image into Word by copying and pasting the fileas well as configuring it according to how you want to visualize it, that is, it can be placed in the background with the letters on top, or it can be placed on top of the letters.

It also can configure the shape of its selvedges and add color and different details. Word offers us a huge number of alternatives from which we can choose the ones that suit us according to what we want to do with our background image, so it’s just a matter of learning to master these functions.

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