How to use the control panels to play Among Us

Among Us is a fun and intriguing game for two or more players. Each game takes place in a spaceship, where players must complete some tasks while trying to identify the impostor in their midst. However, to successfully complete the mission, players will need to use the control panels in order to properly perform their tasks.

Advantages of using Control Panels

Control panels provide a quick way to manipulate many aspects of the ship. Here are some of the benefits that the panels offer to players of Among Us:

  • Players can prevent devices from discharging by using the control panels to bypass power to other devices.
  • Players can create energy volcanoes or control the situation in the room to prevent systems from overheating by using control panels to turn certain devices.
  • Players can activate the ship’s security systems to lock down impostors using the control panels.
  • Players can also activate the ship’s cannons to destroy Impostors faster using the control panels.

Tricks to use Control Panels

here are some tricks To help you learn how to use the control panels to play Among Us with confidence:

  • When faced with an imposter, try to put a solder on the control panel before the imposter shuts it down.
  • Make sure you know what each control panel does before you try to use it.
  • Try to place the panels correctly to maintain the balance of energy in the system.
  • Try to differentiate impostors from non-imposters by seeing how well they are using the control panels.

Using the control panels in Among Us can be challenging, but it’s also a good way to improve your gameplay. If you use these tips carefully, you will soon be an expert at controlling the panels to maximize your fun while playing your games of Among Us.

Using control panels in Among Us

Using control panels in the game Among Us can be tricky if you don’t know when to use them correctly. Control panels in Among Us have many uses, from recharging devices to manipulating the power supply. Using control panels correctly is an important competency for the success of the Among Us team.

Control Panel Tricks

Here are some tricks to use the control panels in Among Us:

  • Recharge the devices: There is always a difficulty reloading loose devices on the map. Use the control panels to recharge these devices as a faster way to get the task completed.
  • Power supply manipulation: You can manipulate the power supply embedded in the control panels. This will allow you to reach specific areas that were blocked. This is useful if you need to reach some remote sites to complete tasks.
  • Invert the system: Some tasks require inverting systems to complete. Control panels are there to help you. The control panel can reverse power in a single click, allowing you to get the job done without spending hours clicking switches around the room over and over again.
  • Resource inventory: Dashboards can also be used to check remaining resources. This avoids having to change the object to verify the resource. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the materials you need to complete a task.

Example of use of control panels

A good example of the use of control panels is on ships. On the space station, there are many tasks that need to be done to keep the ship running. However, fiddling with all the switches to recharge devices and turn them on can be a full-time job. The control panel allows you to simplify the work and recharge and turn on the devices in seconds.

Control panels can also be used to shut off power to rooms on the ship. This allows you to reach rooms or objects without the presence of visitors.

In addition, control panels can also be used to check material inventory. This allows you to track resources as you use them on jobs, allowing your team to figure out what tasks remain to be completed before the ship leaves.

As the team learns about control panels in Among Us, these are just a few of the many uses control panels can have.

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