How do I configure my phone’s camera optimally in WhatsApp?.

How do I configure my phone’s camera optimally in WhatsApp?

How do you configure your phone’s camera in WhatsApp to take interesting and beautiful photos or videos? This summary tells you everything you need to know!

How do I configure my phone’s camera optimally in WhatsApp?

Access permission

The first thing to say about the camera settings in WhatsApp is that don’t forget to give the system the permission it needs. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take photos, record videos, or video chat.

Even if you forget to grant access, the messenger will ask for it itself as soon as you want to take a photo/video or make a video call to another user. But we recommend opening all the permissions in advance. This is convenient.

How do I configure my phone’s camera optimally in WhatsApp?

On the iPhone.

First of all, we are going to try to configure the WhatsApp camera on your iPhone. It’s very easy, open the device settings and see:

  • Search for the messenger’s name by scrolling through the menu that opens;
  • Enter the section “Permissions”. and locate the camera icon;
  • There is a toggle switch opposite – put it in the active position.

Note: On your iPhone, you can set messengers’ access to gallery content. Open the “Photos” tab and select the program options (you can access all the photos, close it completely or highlight the content partially).

How do I configure my phone’s camera optimally in WhatsApp?

on android

Next question: how to set WhatsApp camera on your Android phone!

  • Open device settings;
  • Find the section with installed applications;
  • Search for the desired name and enter the block “Permissions”.;
  • Make sure the value in front of the camera is “Switched on”.

When we talk about how to set up the camera in Vatsap on Android, keep in mind that different devices (depending on brand and model) may have different menu item names. This is due to the peculiarities of the operating system. You may have to look under “Privacy” to find the correct resolution.

How do I configure my phone’s camera optimally in WhatsApp?

That’s not all there is to know about setting up the messenger. One of the coolest features is the attachments you can add to messages.

sending photos

Let’s talk about how the camera settings in WhatsApp are going in user conversations! The messenger has a cool option to share a photo or video with anyone you talk to.

You can send an image or a video that you have previously saved in the gallery. Or you can take a snapshot online while chatting. Let’s try it, okay?

How do I configure my phone’s camera optimally in WhatsApp?

To take a photo, record a video and configure the camera in WhatsApp, you have to open a conversation with a specific user (with whom you want to share content) and click on the camera icon. You will find it at the bottom, in the message input bar.

And now that? A window opens where you can press the circle button to take a photo or hold the circle to take a video.

The initial settings of the camera in WhatsApp are the following:

How do I configure my phone’s camera optimally in WhatsApp?
  • Press the arrows at the bottom right to go from the front camera to the main one or vice versa;
  • Click the lightning bolt in the upper right to turn the flash on or off.

If you click on the cross on the top left, you will exit the shooting menu and return to the dialog.

Don’t forget that the quality of photos and videos taken through Messenger will vary for the worse, compared to content taken with the device’s main camera. If quality is critical to you, you’d better prepare a photo or video beforehand (by saving it to your mobile phone’s gallery).

Reconfigure your camera in WhatsApp! Have you already taken a photo? Check what editing options are available to you.

There are some icons at the top right:

How do I configure my phone’s camera optimally in WhatsApp?
  • Harvest. Allows you to change the size and orientation of the image;
  • Emoticons. Hide smiley faces and stickers from the huge built-in collection; these can be placed on top of the photo taken, a very interesting option;
  • The “T” icon is required to enter text. Tap to open the keyboard and start typing. A color bar will appear on the right side that will allow you to select the desired tone of the letters;
  • Pencil icon: access to the drawing. You can manually fill in a few lines or even do a whole drawing. On the right, you will also see a color selection bar.

We have more information on how to configure the camera in WhatsApp. The initial edit is complete (if you want to undo an action, just click the arrow icon, which will appear at the top). Now you can look at the bottom panel.

Here you will see a line to enter a message to accompany the snapshot. On this line there is an icon “1”. This is a single view option: the person you are talking to will only be able to open the photo once, after which it will be automatically deleted! But don’t forget that anyone can take a screenshot.

Watsap camera setup complete: click on the blue plane to send the photo to the chat room.

How do I configure my phone’s camera optimally in WhatsApp?

video delivery

Do not stray from the familiar menu: you can send not only a snapshot, but also a video! And get around it while you’re on the phone, only briefly interrupted!

Follow the same path: open the desired conversation, click on the camera icon and hold the big round button to start recording. Before, you can switch from front to main (or vice versa) and adjust the flash; We have already talked about it in detail.

And how do you configure the Watsapare camera when the video is ready? Interesting editing options in front of you!

You will also find the familiar buttons on the top bar:

  • Crop
  • Add stickers and smiley faces
  • text input
  • hand drawing

Right below is a timeline tape: you can pull the markers on both sides to trim just a certain piece of the video. Test it!

The WhatsApp camera settings do not end there. Check out the switch below: it allows you to save your video as a GIF! What does this mean? The video will play in a loop, in circles, without sound. If you leave the normal format, the original video you recorded will be sent to your chat.

What else do you need to know about how to set up your camera on WhatsApp? At the bottom you’ll find a single preview icon, a field to enter an accompanying message, and a submit icon. Once you’re done editing, drop the finished clip into your chat. We hope it works for you!

Do not forget that you can use the photo/video settings described above not only to send to the chat, but also to create a status. A status is a short video or photo that is only kept for 24 hours. To create it, click the corresponding button in the top (or bottom) panel.

How do I configure my phone’s camera optimally in WhatsApp?