How do I set up Skype after installing it on my computer?.

How do I set up Skype after installing it on my computer?

Despite the fact that the messenger, in its modern version, is quite easy to use, some sections still require debugging for the user’s convenience. We will tell you how to set up Skype yourself: right after it is installed (at first launch) and after – from the application menu. A description will be given of all sections available for editing.

How do I set up Skype after installing it on my computer?

Skype settings when installing

In principle, you can automatically set up Skype on your laptop. That is, after the first launch of the program and the system prompts you for certain actions, you can do nothing and just click “Skip” for each step.

You’ll be fine: For a few years now, this messenger has been able to function with minimal user intervention. But still, we advise you not to give up the first setup: it’s good for the first introduction to the software.

How do I set up Skype after installing it on my computer?

User profile

The first thing the system will ask you is to change your avatar. If this is the first time you log in to your computer with your current account, your avatar will be blank; if it’s the second time, your last profile photo may appear here. Below the avatar window are “Upload Photo” and “Delete Photo” buttons. Use them if necessary. Other profile settings will be available in the corresponding section once you have finished setting up Skype in Windows 10. In the meantime, press “Continue →”


This is the second stage of setting up Skype. We’re going to move from top to bottom, so we’ll start with the microphone. By default, it is set to “Configure automatically”. How to set up the Skype microphone on your Windows 10 laptop. You’ll need these settings if you suddenly have an audio problem, for example, you can’t hear the other party on Skype or vice versa. Under the word “Microphone” in the program window you will see:

How do I set up Skype after installing it on my computer?
  • The display bar shows the operation of the microphone. With any sound, the balls on this bar run to the right.
  • The “Set Automatically” options bar. If you want to adjust the microphone sensitivity yourself, turn off the “Automatically adjust” option and then move the bar that appears left and right, observing the response of the hardware.
  • “Default communication device” appears. On laptops, the system uses the built-in microphone by default. In other cases, you can click on this inscription and select the audio capture device yourself.
  • Now we are going to see how to configure the speakers in Skype on your computer with Windows 7 (8 or 10). Under the word “Speakers” in the program window you will see:

  • A scale to adjust the intensity of the sound.
  • Press the “Sound Check” button. Hit the “Sound Check” button and start moving the sound adjustment bar from left to right until you get the desired result.
  • The legend «Default communication device». Here you can specify which equipment should be used for sound output.
  • Made. To go to the next step and set up Skype on your computer for free until the end, click “Continue →”.

    How do I set up Skype after installing it on my computer?

    Keep in mind: After making all the settings, you can test how the microphone and speakers behave during the call. To do this, click on the “Make a free test call” button. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the settings, you can change the settings one way or the other.

    Video camera

    When you go to the “Check Video” step, the software will launch the webcam (on your laptop, the default is normal). This is to allow you to assess the video quality for video calls. The default image quality settings are compromised so that both the image is satisfactory and the video is not too “heavy”.

    A situation may arise where Skype cannot see the camera. This can happen for various reasons, which we have detailed in another article.

    How do I set up Skype after installing it on my computer?

    How to set up Skype on your computer (for free, of course) if you’re not happy with the picture:

  • Click on “Webcam Settings”.
  • A window appears where you can change the resolution, flicker suppression, contrast, saturation, etc. Adjust the image to your liking.
  • Press “Apply” to save the settings and “Default” if you want to restore the original settings.
  • To change the playback device, click on “EasyCamera” – the button is above the right corner of the test video window. When you have finished configuring, click “Continue →” and then “OK”.

    Other settings

    The above are the basic settings that are made when starting Skype for the first time. Once completed, the messenger work window will open. More functions are available for debugging processes. Where are the settings in Skype: Click on your contact’s name (top left corner of the window) and then click on “Settings”. There is a second way: to the right of the contact’s name there is a “More” button. Click on it and then on “Settings” in the dropdown menu. In both cases, the same window will open.

    How do I set up Skype after installing it on my computer?

    Next we will give you an overview of how to configure Skype on your laptop, and more specifically what options are available to you.

    account and profile

    Here are two subsections for setting up Skype on your computer:

  • Your Skype profile. Here you can see basic account details. If you want to make any adjustments, click on the line you want and then on “Edit”. Your profile page will then open in the browser* – click on “Change profile”. Next, a form will appear on the screen where you can enter your new data.
  • The management. Here is the functionality to manage Skype calls, payments and plans. There are also buttons to create a Skype number and top up your account to make Skype calls to the phone. From here you can also delete your Skype account if you need to.
  • *The exception is the profile photo. You can set it up on Skype (free on laptop) right in the messenger window. Click on “Profile Image” and follow the necessary steps.

    Keep in mind: you will not be able to change your Skype username. There is no such function either in the applications of this messenger or on the user page of the developer’s website. Therefore, when you click the “Sign In” button in the “Your Skype Profile” subsection, only the “Copy” line appears.

    How do I set up Skype after installing it on my computer?

    General adjustments

    Here you can do it:

  • Defines the language of the device (the language in which all the buttons inside are displayed).
  • Set autostart.
  • Enables or disables running the messenger in the background.
  • Defines if the messenger should stop working if the application window is closed by the user.
  • Change the translation settings. For example, if your interlocutor writes in English and you do not read in that language, you can configure the settings so that the application translates your messages from English to Russian. Or any other language you choose.
  • Setting up Skype on your laptop for free with this functionality is easy: move the sliders next to the option names or choose the option you want from the dropdown list.


    There is no clear framework on how to set up Skype correctly. You just have to click on the different buttons, to see which option is more pleasing to the eye. In the available section:

    How do I set up Skype after installing it on my computer?
  • Color the chat.
  • Select light or dark mode.
  • Select light mode with high contrast or dark mode with high contrast.
  • Change the sidebar: make the chat list more compact and choose if you want to show the icons of the users and the conversations with them, or not.
  • Separate the chat window from the dialog box (Enable the split view option).
  • We advise paying attention to the light and dark modes: sometimes you suddenly come across a “dark” theme that you don’t know and it soothes your eyes. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s worth trying to change them.

    Sound and video, Ringtones

    “Sound and Video” includes exactly the same functionality that we have described above in “Sound” and “Camera/Video”. The name of the buttons, the controls of the options are all 100% the same. There is no point in duplicating the description, so let’s get straight to the “Calls”.

    The Skype settings on your computer under “Calls” are as follows:

  • You can enable or disable the display of your mobile number when calling from Skype to your phone.
  • Set call forwarding: where, from what second, to another phone / another Skype profile or to voicemail
  • Forbid or allow the incoming call window to show if the messenger is running in the background.
  • Set to bar calls from users who are not in your contact list.
  • Activate the automatic reception of incoming calls (“Advanced” button).
  • There is also an interesting option here called “Subtitles”. If you turn it on, the system will display automatically generated subtitles (in your language) during the video call.


    Here, as you may have guessed, is the functionality you need to personalize your messages. Here you can do it:

  • Set notifications for group chats.
  • Specify the desired size of the text and emoticons.
  • Turn link preview on or off.
  • Specify if you want to automatically download sent files and photos.
  • Specifies where to save all received files (including multimedia).
  • We advise you to pay special attention to this section. This will save you from having to “rummage” your computer for downloaded files, or endlessly ridding it of things you didn’t know you had downloaded.

    Contacts and notifications

    In Contacts, you can view and edit your list of blocked contacts. You can also make changes to your privacy settings here: the ability to search your profile by phone number, show your profile in searches for contacts you don’t know, and edit your list of saved contacts.

    In “Notifications” you can specify how and when you want to be notified:

    How do I set up Skype after installing it on my computer?
  • About incoming messages.
  • About the appearance of a contact from a list on the network.
  • About the reactions of contacts to your outgoing messages.
  • About the new polls.
  • You can also turn notification sound on or off, turn alerts for new tips and recommendations on or off, etc.

    We hope setting up Skype on your Windows 7 (8 or 10) laptop goes well after reading our article.