How do you play dungeons and dragons? We have all been interested in role-playing games and one of the best games where you access an alternate world, where we can experience the authentic renaissance of role-playing games that is dungeons and dragons, where the role-playing scene has been drastically changed but it is always accessible to the user, so you can play it and experience each of your journeys in the game.

We are going to give you a small guide with which you will be able to play dragons and dungeons easily and effectively, so you can have fun and get into this wonderful game that will be characterized by dice tables, and essentially the role that you are going to fulfill so that you can develop them in the best way.

Before you start, assemble your team.

Before starting this great journey you have to gather your team which It has to be at least 2 people, where one of the people in the group is the one who is going to fulfill the role of the master or the game directoris the one who will be the creation of the story and directs the narrative, since the other two players are the ones who are going to complete the dungeon, pass and know the plot to be able to play and complete each of the dungeons that appear .

Use the rules to your advantage.

In the game of dragons and dungeons There are several books, which are the ones that contain the rules of the game, of which one of the most basic is the player’s manual. with the monster manual, which each one has a different look and includes character creations with their combat rules, turns and tricks that you can build in the campaign as a master or a player of the journey.

That’s why you have to know the rules well or have them aside, in order to experience the world of dungeons and dragons well, to use the rules in your favor and not against.

Start a game.

At the time of starting a game there is the start box that will have a more summarized manual and a first adventurewhich will be ready to play with its pregenerated characters and the dice game, with which you will have all the basics to start a game.

In case it is the first time that they are going to play and there is no one with a good knowledge to guide them, It is better to start a short game with contentThanks to the fact that it will take two sessions at the most and the players, like the master, can adapt to the characters and the group in order to have good dynamics.

Good communication is essential.

One of the most important things when playing Dungeons and Dragons is the communication that exists in the group, since any type of situation, both extreme and stressful, can happen in the gamefor that it is essential to get along with the other players and with the master, this game is not about the master against the players nor is there one player who can win more than the other.