how Google, Sony, and Microsoft are pushing the video game industry into streaming (Clear the X, 1×41)

Those who know about this say that the next will be the last generation of video game consoles. Afterwards, forget about investing irreverent amounts of money in them or in a “cucumber” version PC: you will not need it, because the machine will not be put by you, but by Google. Or Microsoft. Or Sony. or EA. Or whoever.

All of them are preparing for that new war that video game streaming raises, and the first to show their cards (a bit) has been Google, which has certainly made important promises with Stadia. Her, its lights, its shadows and above all the unknowns that it leaves us we talk in this new installment of Clear the X.

Who has seen you and who sees you, video game streaming

The Google thing is not a new idea. A decade ago, Gaikai and OnLive wanted to be ahead of their time with streaming platforms that failed precisely because of their precociousness. Times have changed and above all the infrastructures have changed, already prepared (or so it seems) to really raise that bet on video game streaming.

Google has tried to prove it, although for now has given many grandiose figures without really being able to verify whether or not the proposal will be able to fulfill all that it promises. There are certainly striking options such as its integration with YouTube or the Google voice assistant, but also many doubts.

For example those of the quality of the experience or the way in which this paradigm will change the status quo of video game developers. There are many doubts raised by both Stadia and other future platforms, and although the experiences that we have been able to test (PSNow and GeForce Now, for example) give good vibes, one wonders if streaming will unseat the game with the physical formats of all life.

It does not seem feasible that this is the case in the short term, but with these giants you never know. This episode of Despeja la X is something like the sequel to that episode 1×05 of July 2018, and here we meet the same protagonists: Rubén Márquez, editor at SamaGame, Javier Pastor, editor at SamaGame and Santi Araújo, common thread, editor and producer of this podcast.

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how Google, Sony, and Microsoft are pushing the video game industry into streaming (Clear the X, 1×41)

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