How is the perimeter of a trapezoid calculated? How do we know the math at all times it is based on calculation or formulas, through which we can obtain a result for a certain figure, in this case we are talking about the perimeter of the trapezoid. Next we will show you the way of calculating said process.

What is the trapezoid and how is its perimeter calculated?

In this sense, we must first start with the definition of trapezoid In this sense, we can clarify that it is a defined quadrilateral and present the particularity of having two opposite sides in parallel.

How to calculate the perimeter of a trapezoid?

Regarding the calculation of perimeter area of ​​the trapezoid, can be obtained through the clearance of the formula that they provide us as it is the sum of all the sides. These types of concerns are usually frequent in tests in the initial years of high school. For these reasons it is important to review and apply them in exercises that are presented to us.

What is the formula for calculating the perimeter of the trapezoid?

The calculation as it is normal and clearly known, is made using a formula mathematics, which we can determine is the sum of its four sides, then said formula will be replaced by the values ​​that will be given to us in the exercises that are assigned to us in class. However, for greater illustration we can determine it like this: L+L+L+L. As we can see, it is very simple and it is only the sum of its sides.

How can you find the perimeter of an isosceles trapezoid?

This is another of the requested options In the area of ​​mathematics, we are talking about the isosceles trapezoid, in this sense what we must do is the sum of each of the sides of the figure that they have given us, an example is P= AB + BC + CD + AD. Thus, as in all kinds of trapezoids and formulas, it is a question of obtaining the perimeter, which will be done adding the sides in its entirety.

How is the area of ​​a trapezoid calculated?

We already talked about the perimeter formulanow for the purpose of illustrating the readers a little more we are going to see how to perform the area calculation of the same figure, that is to say a trapezoid.

When we talk about the case of trapezoid areawe must mention that as happens in all of them, the area is located by adding the bases, then it is divided by two and finally we must multiply by the height. In this way we will already obtain the value we are looking for.


We have reached the end of our article, within it the steps required for the calculation of our trapezoid in the area of ​​mathematics. We hope that readers and students who have read our information can take full advantage of the information we have just developed, applying it to their high school studies. It can also serve as reference guide for the theme developed.

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