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Talking to your best friend, you have discovered that by using an application to be installed on your Android mobile phone, you can monitor the movements of acquaintances and family members, thus keeping yourself up to date on the position of the people you care about. Also, with find friends (this is the name of the application in question) you can receive notifications when an acquaintance arrives at a certain place or when he starts driving. Being interested in the subject, he did some research on the Web to find out more and ended up directly at my guide. Well let me tell you that you have come to the right place at the right time.

How it works Find friends Android

With today’s tutorial, in fact, I will explain how it works Find friends Android, which also indicates the detailed procedure to download the application from the Play Store and create your account. After showing you how to create a contact group, invite new members, and how to participate in an existing circle, I’ll show you the main features of the service, how to activate them, and how to best use them. How to say Is that what you wanted to know? So don’t delay any longer and get to the topic right away.

Courage: make yourself comfortable, take as much time as you think fit, and read the following paragraphs. Carefully follow the instructions that I am going to give you and I assure you that by trying to put them into practice, you will be able to understand the operation of the Find Friends application and know the position of your acquaintances at any time and in any place. Happy reading!

What is finding friends?

Before going into the details of this guide and discovering how it works Find friends on Androidit may be useful to know what this application is for and what services are offered.

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Find Friends aka friend locatoris a free application available for Android devices that allows you to know the exact location of friends and family who, in turn, have installed the application on your device and are part of the same shared group (called circle ).

In addition, with Find Friends you can receive notifications when a person arrives at a certain place or when they need help. You can track your movements, view the history of your movements, and send private and group messages.

Download Find Friends on Android

for download Find Friends on Androidstarts on Play Store Pressing its icon (the present colored ▶ symbol) present on the home screen of your device, type find friends in the search field located at the top and click on the icon magnifying glass to start the search

Now, locate find friends (should be the first result), tap the icon three points and select the article install from the menu that appears. Alternatively, tap on the app icon in question, and on the new screen displayed, press the button install.

So wait for the progress bar to reach 100% and for the installation to complete and tap the button open to start the application

How it works Find friends Android

Create a Find Friends account

After downloading the Find Friends app on your device, launch the app by tapping its icon (i position marker on a map ) and create your account, useful for using the service.

To continue, press the button followingenter yours phone number in the appropriate field, select the option Italy via the dropdown menu where the entry appears USA and you touch the button following. On the new screen that appears, enter the password (at least 6 characters) that you want to use to access your account in the field create a password and press the button followingthen enter your email address in the field Enter email address and press the button again following.

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Finally, enter your name (the one your contacts will see) in the field enter name and, if you want, you can touch the button + to add your own photo. Then press the button allow To allow Find Friends to access your photos, choose the option Gallery to select one on your device or touch the item camera to take a photo at the moment. Then press the button following to complete your account creation and touch the items Allow access and allow to allow the app to access your location.

To access your account from another device, touch the item to accessenter yours phone number in the appropriate field and press the button followingthen enter the password in the field password and press the button following to complete the operation.

Alternatively, if you prefer to sign in with your email address, tap the entry to accesschoose the option Sign in with emailenter the latter in the field Enter email addressspecify yours password in the appropriate field and press the button following.

Create a new circle and invite members

Create a new circle or join an existing circle, allows you to not only see the position of your friends or family, but also share your position with them, send messages and much more.

How it works Find friends Android

To create a new circle, tap the ≡ button in the top left corner, choose the option create and, in the new screen that appears, press the button Add a circle. Then enter the circle name in the appropriate field (or choose one of the suggested names shown on the screen) and touch the item made.

Now select the option Invite new memberskeep in mind the code of your circle and communicate it to the people of your interest. Alternatively, press the button Send code and choose one of the available options between WhatsApp, e-mail, Messages etcetera to send the code of your circle by message. It will be useful to know that the code in question is valid for 7 days.

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If, on the other hand, you have been invited to join an existing circle and have an invitation code, tap the button, press the button to accesswrite the code you have in the field Enter your invitation code and press the buttons introduce and to access.

To see the circles you belong to, just tap the button top left and press the item my circles Then put the check mark next to the circle of interest to see the position of the members.

To leave a circle, tap the ≡ button, select the option settingschoose the article circle optionsselect the circle of your interest and press the button Get out of this circle. If you are the manager of a circle, press the item edit you can rename or force quit the other members by clicking the icon basket present next to the name of each member.

How to use Find Friends

Once you’ve created your account and been part of a circle of people, you’re ready to learn use Find Friends and deepen the operation of its main characteristics.

On the main screen of the application there is a list of people who are part of the selected circle and for each of them you can see the current position indicated under their name. If you are interested in interacting with a specific person, tap on them photo and, in the new screen that is displayed, you can track the movements of the user in question by viewing the history of their movements in the last 7 days. Clicking instead on the option get directionsyou can get directions to the selected user (a special application, such as Google Maps, must be installed on your mobile phone).

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If you want to send a message to the selected user, touch the icon cloud top right, write your message in the field Write a message and press the icon Paper plane to send it. Also, by touching the icon camera You can send a photo or video, either by selecting it from your device’s gallery or by doing it in real time. It will be useful to know that pressing the button receiver in the upper right corner, you can make a phone call to the person you started the chat with.

How it works Find friends Android

In addition to the procedure I just showed you, you can start a chat (even in a group) by tapping the button and selecting the option Messages.

If you’re wondering if you can add custom locations to Find Friends and get notified when someone arrives there, the answer is yes. To create a new place, tap the button select the option places and choose the article add.

On the new screen that appears, enter the name of the place in the appropriate field, specify the address in the field addresssets the beam within which to consider a person in that particular place through the cursor at the bottom and press the button Keep. Now in the section placesyou touch name of the place you just created and choose which alerts to activate by moving the toggle next to the options arrives and part of OFF for IN.

To better understand, let’s take a practical example: if you want to receive a notification every time your child arrives or leaves home, go to the section placestouch the button add get in home in the countryside Name of the placespecify the address in the appropriate field and press the button Keepthen tap the item homelocate your child’s profile and move the relative toggles next to the entries arrives and part of OFF for IN.

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It will be useful for you to know that, in addition to alerts to know when a person arrives or leaves a particular place, you can receive alerts even when your contact has a dead phone battery or has started driving. In that case, touch the button select the options Aid and battery and move the stick relative to the person you are interested in OFF for IN to activate these functions.

To manage notifications and warning sounds, press and hold the ≡ button, choose the option settingsselect the item alert options and touch the option warning sounds to personalize the notifications of your interest.

Finally, you should know that among the Find Friends functions there is also the possibility of sending emergency notifications to contacts configured as Emergency contacts. If you are interested in this feature, you should know that all the people in the circle are already making emergency contacts automatically. You can add other contacts (even people who don’t use Find Friends) by pressing the button selecting the option emergency noticepressing the button + and selecting the contacts of your interest.

To send an emergency alert, tap the button press on the element emergency notice and you touch the button !. Automatically, all the people in the circle and the contacts set as emergency contacts will receive an email and a notification on their mobile phone.

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