How long will boxed toys stay with us?.

In addition to the film industry, console manufacturers are keeping alive optical discs, which are slowly but unstoppably losing ground to digital content as a result of changing consumer habits.

From a gaming point of view, it was undoubtedly historic when the far-flung Steam (years ahead of Sierra-Online’s World Opponent Network) was launched on 12 September 2003. After Microsoft, Yahoo! and RealNetworks also said no to the concept of a platform that automatically patches online games and aims to curb both fraud and piracy, with Valve itself cutting into risky development.

How long will boxed toys stay with us?

The company used its own highly popular games (including Counter-Strike and Half-Life 2) to sweeten the audience, while an increasing number of partners were persuaded by lower distribution costs compared to traditional sales channels. At this point, it is necessary to point out that it was extremely naive for some users to think that lower distribution costs would also lead to lower prices for games.

Hi, boxed!

Despite the technical difficulties of the initial period, Steam cleared the market at a stormy pace, completely reshaping one of its non-negligible segments. As a result, the PC as a gaming platform missed an evolutionary step, and CD and then DVD games were not followed by disc editions representing the Sony Blu-ray format, which remained on the PlayStation 3, and later on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox. One of the privileges. Let’s add that even before the last two consoles debuted in 2013, there was a significant increase in the number of digitally distributed games, but at the time, mostly independent developers had smaller caliber and space requirements, making relatively easy downloads available.

How long will boxed toys stay with us?

It was only after the generational change that it became common for AAA-rated games made on a budget of many tens of millions of dollars to be available in digital form, albeit in boxes.

Given that the consoles were now capable of running parallel tasks (while downloading the featured game, we could safely launch something else, or possibly film), we were quickly accustomed to the convenience of a lightning-fast and slap-easy shopping process, digital cost and content sharing nor did it have to worry about in which corner of the apartment to place one’s place in the growing collection of toys. There are several reasons why the spread of digital versions on consoles is much slower than on the console.

How long will boxed toys stay with us?

First of all, it should not be forgotten that disc releases of games can be gifted or sold without particular difficulty, while digital content cannot do the same, as it is linked to each user account.

However, a long-overdue price increase is taking place, as a result of which the current $ 60 (plus tax) price tags will be replaced by $ 70, which means 80 euros in Europe, and we can make friends with the idea of ​​30,000 forint games. Let us add in brackets that we have really only reached the price level that works that were still wasted for eight thousand years ago due to inflation would cost us today.

How long will boxed toys stay with us?

Tug of war

The sale and purchase of used games is something that a significant proportion of console owners and stores selling video games (almost exclusively and consoles only) do not want to give up for the time being, even if for the first time this year the volume of digital traffic exceeded that of boxers. Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad said the coronavirus also contributed to Take-Two, which includes both Sony, Electronic Arts and Rockstar Games and 2K Games doubles, reporting more than half of their games sold in the first two quarters of 2020. (51, 52 and 55 per cent) were delivered to customers in digital form.

However, there are still many who cling to the tangible product and are actually favored by console manufacturers, with both now embracing backward compatibility, while at the same time working hard on their digital services (like the PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass). item.

While it is obviously best for Sony and Microsoft for users to spend their money in their digital marketplaces, none of them has stepped in to get rid of the optical drive completely during the November generational change, so they only offer their digital console as an alternative. By the way, with the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, the Redmond people probed the market last year, but that machine didn’t resonate seriously.

How long will boxed toys stay with us?

Now the situation is different in that both Sony and Microsoft offer a digital alternative to the disk from the outset, but it is impossible to determine the actual interest in them in the absence of reliable data. Initially, we were able to rely on the results of preliminary player-only surveys and polls on social media platforms, as well as uncertain information leaked by store chain employees, which suggested that the vast majority voted for a version with a Blu-ray drive, regardless of platform.

Later, we didn’t get much smarter either, as none of the console manufacturers communicated official numbers, they just pounded on their chests that the machines were running out in record numbers. According to VG Chartz, the PS5 reached 3,368,098 copies in four weeks and the Xbox Series X | S duo reached 1,817,303. However, this does not show the proportion of digital versions within this. To create the real picture, it’s terribly low to find 103,901 standard and 14,181 digital PS5 owners in the start week, and Phil Spencer says about 40 percent of those who bought an Xbox console for the first time in their lives chose the much cheaper and more modest-performance optical drive. Series St.

No matter how much the actual interest in digital consoles is, it does not change the fact that their upswing is against the interests of stores, because while resellers make margins on machines, they earn nicely on boxed games and are also the biggest beneficiaries in the second-hand market. Because of this, it will depend on their advocacy ability at least as much as on users, that in six or seven years, after PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, we will be able to buy more games on physical media, but they are guaranteed to go nowhere.

How long will boxed toys stay with us?

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