How many cards does Magic have?.

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Created by Richard Garfield in 1993, Magic: The Gathering is a traditional strategy card game. Very popular, it holds the title of “world’s most played collectible card game”.

How many cards does Magic have?

With collections released by the American publisher Wizards of the Coast, the cards are published in several languages ​​– including Portuguese. Want to know more fun facts about the world of Magic? So stay with us!

Magic: The Gathering is a turn-based strategy card game.Source: Cartamundi/Disclosure

How many cards does Magic have?

How many unique cards are there in Magic?

It is estimated that there are over 21,000 unique cards in Magic. Inspired by fantasy world stories, each card has its own characteristics and rules about how they should be used during matches.

Basically, cards are divided into seven categories: artifact, creature, enchantment, sorcery, instant, planeswalker, and land. It is possible that some specimens have more than one function, for example: artifact-creature.

How many cards does Magic have?

In addition, Magic works with five colors of mana (energy): blue, white, black, green, and red. Each represents a style of strategy and mechanics applied to the “battlefield”. There are also colorless or multicolored cards.

Cards can be classified into supertypes (Standard, Extended, Vintage and Legacy) and subtypes. All of this expands the variety of cards in the game and the amount of items available to collectors.

How many cards does Magic have?

World Champion of Magic, the Brazilian Paulo Vitor Damo will have a card in the next collection.Source: Wizards of the Coast/Disclosure

Why are there so many Magic cards?

The secret to the large number of Magic cards is the collections published annually by Wizards of the Coast. Each new series adds an average of 300 unique cards to the game’s universe.

Featuring different themes, the sets and expansions are based on books that help build the mythology behind the card game itself. The new items also add elements and mechanics that refresh the game format.

How many cards does Magic have?

In 2021, the collection “Strixhaven: School of Wizards” explores the universe of five faculties of magic: Platinopena, Murcharflor, Prismari, Quandrix and Sapioforte. In addition to introducing new characters, the story brings figures known to “veteran” players.

It is also worth mentioning that the Brazilian Paulo Vitor “PV” Damo will be honored in the new set. The winner of the 35th World Magic Championships held in 2020 won his own card dubbed Elite Spellman.

Black Lotus rare card sold for around R$3 million.Source: YouTube/Reproduction

How many cards does Magic have?

What are the most expensive Magic cards?

There is an extensive list of rare Magic: The Gathering cards. According to experts who analyze the degree of rarity of the items, they are sold or auctioned for incredibly high prices.

An example of this is the Black Lotus card, which costs an average of US$1,500 to US$3,000 – around R$8,500 to R$17,000. However, a copy in perfect condition and signed by the artist Christopher Rush was auctioned for US$ 511 thousand – about R$ 3 million.

This card has high values ​​because it creates one of the most powerful combos in Magic history. Along with the Channel and Fireball cards, he can win any game in the first round by depleting his opponent’s 20 life.

However, Shichifukujin Dragon and 1996 World Champion are the rarest cards in the world. That’s because there is only one copy of each and obviously they belong to collectors.

How many cards does Magic have?

Magic: The Gathering Arena is an opportunity to experience the card game.Source: Wizards of the Coast/Disclosure

Without money? Play Magic: The Gathering Arena

For those who want to know the universe of the popular card game the tip is the game Magic: The Gathering Arena. Available for computers and mobile devices, it allows players to build their own decks and play games online.

This is a perfect place to learn the rules and test your skills against users from all over the world. Furthermore, it is possible to import real decks into the digital world and create countless combinations with exclusive virtual collections.

How many cards does Magic have?

Accessible and democratic, Magic: The Gathering Arena is completely free. So there’s no need to spend millions on a card or get the 21,000 cards to have fun!