How many endings does Horizon Forbidden West have?

Horizon Forbidden West is an open world game of exploration and battle for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It offers an epic adventure in a vast and fun world, which is why many people wonder how many endings there are in the game.

How many endings does Horizon Forbidden West have?

How to get to different endings

There are several endings in the game, which can be reached in different ways. Depending on how you develop, you can reach one or the other ending:

  • Complete the main story without doing any other missions or exploring other locations.
  • Complete the special challenges found along the way.
  • Explore and complete all the side quests.

Example with an explanation of the end

If you complete the main story without doing any side quests, the ending you will get is ​”End of Story”​. In this ending, Aloy becomes a legendary hero in the eyes of others, defeating the mysterious force that threatened her land. This is the climax of the story you are living, a happy ending that ends with a celebratory ceremony in the light of the moon.

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Tips and tricks to unlock more endings!

If you want to unlock more endings, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Explore the world in its entirety to find side quests and challenges.
  • Use shortcuts to move quickly and efficiently when exploring the world.
  • Gather all the necessary parts for your team, to increase your chances of success.
  • Try different skills and combine your moves to defeat your enemies.

With these tips and tricks, you will be able to unlock many different endings. Make your adventure unique and have fun discovering as many endings as you can!

In summary, Horizon Forbidden West has several endings that can be reached in different ways. Through exploration, completing special challenges, or obtaining all the necessary parts for equipment, various endings can be unlocked. If you follow the above mentioned tips and tricks, you will be able to get each of the endings that the game has to offer.

Horizon Forbidden West: How many endings are there?

Video games always present challenges for players, but a question that we all ask ourselves when playing a game is how many endings are there? Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated video games of 2021, although over time the graphics and gameplay will surely improve and new elements will be added to the game, how many endings are on the horizon?

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Why are there multiple endings?

It is common for video game developers to offer players multiple endings. This option will allow the player to experience a variety of different experiences within the same game. This not only prevents the game from becoming boring or monotonous, but also makes the player have to make certain decisions in order to reach a particular ending.

How many endings are there in Horizon Forbidden West?

Although it has not been officially confirmed, it is estimated that there are up to six different endings in Horizon Forbidden West. This is due to the various paths and endings that you will be able to choose if you make it to the end of the game. Endings can vary depending on the player’s decision, where they decide to go, and how they solve the puzzles.

How many endings does Horizon Forbidden West have?

Tricks to discover the different endings

To find out which endings are available, it is recommended to carefully track your progress and decision making. Also, here are some tricks to discover which endings exist:

  • Explore all the forks in the game and make different decisions.
  • Find all the hidden objects, which will give you more options when it comes to finding an ending.
  • Solve the puzzle codes correctly.
  • Use a guide if necessary.
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With these tips, you will surely be able to figure out all the available endings in the game. Join Aloy on his adventure to discover each of the endings of Horizon Forbidden West!

Explore the forbidden west with these cheats for Horizon Forbidden West!

Horizon Forbidden West is the new game developed by Guerrilla Games for the PlayStation 5. This enhanced sequel to the original game allows you to explore the wacky open world of the Forbidden West. Read on to find out how to complete the game with these cheats and secrets.

How many endings does Horizon Forbidden West have?

Horizon Forbidden West has two possible endings. The first ending is completed by finishing Aloy’s journey and discovering the final destination of the world. The second ending is unlocked by completing all side tasks and even all survival challenges. If you want the best ending possible, you need to make sure you complete the adventure 100%.

Cheats and Tips for Horizon Forbidden West

Here are some tips and tricks to help you complete the game:

  • Always keep some food on hand: Always make sure you take food and drinks with you to avoid dehydration and also to heal yourself when you hurt yourself. This will help you stay energized to reach the late game without worry.
  • Shoot down enemies: As you progress through the game, you must use the environment to shoot down enemies. This will give you a significant advantage during combat. Try to use the supplies in the environment to create distractions and fight the robots.
  • Explore the area: Explore the open world to find hidden items, weapons and other secrets. By exploring the environment, you can find battlefields and also find useful items and resources that will bring you significant benefits during your adventure.
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With these tips and tricks, you’re ready to start your own adventure in Horizon Forbidden West. Have fun!

How many endings does Horizon Forbidden West have?

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