Have you ever wondered how much of a cancer gamer you are? Now you have the opportunity to test it in this quiz! Someone’s been doing this for the entire game… Better than not pinging at all… I ping him as much as I can Tell him to stop I ping myself until I get a notification that I can’t do it, stuffing words like ” STOP”, “F*CKING” and “PINGING” I ask if he could stop Correct! Wrong!

You were killed by an opponent’s gank from another lane. After checking in the chat, you notice that your ally has not signaled the absence of his opponent in any way. What are you doing? I ping him to be careful next time. Report mid I’m not doing anything. I could forage the bushes and not die. I just have zero map awareness. Why no ss noob?! I very calmly declare that he is a f*cking llama and I f*cked his mother, then politely remind him of that every time he misses a CS. Correct! Wrong!

You come across a player who, by choosing Fill, got a jungle instead of a support and decided to troll: I call him trolls, then I will go Anivia to the jungle myself I report after the game Ignoring him, commenting on his build and mocking him Non-stop I ask him for changing the build to one that will be useful to the team at least a little I challenge him in all chat and have him report to the opponents Correct! Wrong!

After a losing game, a person from the opposing team with a score of 2/12/4 sums up your gameplay. You… CARRIED NOOB MOTHERF*CKER Make him look at your GG/BG stats Quietly report him or ignore him Your mom is easy Correct! Wrong!

Let’s reverse the situation! This time it was you who hit you for no reason. What now? I’ll talk him through, after all, I won’t be just any noob jumping up and down! Want to have a name calling contest? Here you are! Report for flame! /mute I’ll laugh at him and say he screams like his mom last night. Thread. I won’t mute it because it might be saying something important, but it doesn’t really bother me. Correct! Wrong!

Your favorite color? Green Gray Yellow Blue Red Correct! Wrong!

A screen with a summary of a match in which you had poor statistics is sent to the Facebook group. Someone is thanking you for losing their series! You don’t admit it’s you, but you point him a pain in the You mock him and call him an You point out all the mistakes from this match, you challenge him, and finally you promise that if you ever play on the same team again, you will do everything to make this lose the match You don’t admit it’s you and pretend you didn’t see this post You don’t admit it’s you, but you accuse it of littering Facebook Correct! Wrong!

Your support in the 30th minute of the match still has no wards, and even the ones he has in the trinket, he doesn’t use much. What are you doing? GG no vision noob support I will congratulate him on his idiocy and remind you once again what I did with his family a few generations ago. Nothing, I’m trying to make up for my lack of vision by buying as many pinks as I need and using my trinket to its limits. Report supp I’m trying to get him to buy wards as gently as possible. Correct! Wrong!

You group up mid and suddenly everyone notices you’re fighting 4v5. Your jungler tries to solo the Baron, but the opposing team notices him. The Jungler dies, the opponents capture the Baron and kill two more from your team in the process. You tell the team it was a lousy idea and ask for a defensive game. You get creative to make people who died realize how unworthy they are to play LoL. You also throw in something about broken condoms, because why not? You blame the rest of the team, they deserve it What can you do? You try your best to get out of this situation unscathed. You have to wait out this buff. You blame the jungler because it’s all because of him Correct! Wrong!

In the comments below the post, flam breaks out! I cut in between both sides and piss on each other It’s not about me I’m reporting the administration’s post I’m taking down everyone involved, let them know they’re subhuman TACTICAL OBSERVATION DOT Correct! Wrong!

You see a small, emaciated kitten on the street. The pet is staggering on its feet and you can see that it is not in the best condition. I’m taking him to the vet, then I’m taking him in. I’m taking him to the vet, but I don’t care what happens next. I poke him to see if he’s alive. And nothing else. What do I care? I throw a stick at him Correct! Wrong!

You play calmly and suddenly this happened… You challenge the player to blind who have trouble clicking in the right place You correct the ward or you don’t care – the jungler was far away, maybe you’ll survive like this For a while You point out a mistake in all chat You make fun of a player who missed the bush, not necessarily maliciously You point out the error while pinging the ward so that the whole team sees Correct! Wrong!

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I have to boast that my cancerometer was 0%, which was the expected result. How about you? Did the results meet your expectations? Show off them in the comments!