One of the most considerable criticisms against Final Fantasy 14 is that it is challenging to level up. To level up from level 1 to the current level cap of 60 can take hours. You also need to work on post-level cap story quest content. And with the release of the second expansion: Stormblood, things were getting harder.

How Much Is The Level Boost In Final Fantasy 14?

But gamers have been given away to catch up with their friends through the Tales of Adventure booster in Stormblood. With this booster, gamers can instantly jump a single job to level 60 with a real-money purchase. But how much does it cost to use the Final Fantasy 14 boosting service? And if there are other alternative ways to level up fast in Final Fantasy? Keep reading to learn more.

Is it Worth Buying a Level Boost in Final Fantasy 14?

As a new player looking to catch in the fun right away with friends in Final Fantasy 14 with Stormblood should be looking at spending a lot of money. First, you will spend about $60 to get the bundle of the base game and its expansion. After that, you will purchase a job level boost which costs about $25. With this item, you can boost a single job’s level to 60. Players can only buy one of these items per account pending when patch 4.1 is released.


While these purchases will only get you to level 60, getting into the Stormblood zone and new content is not enough. So, what do you do? You need to purchase a separate scenario shortcut item. Although there are two versions of this shortcut, one will skip the main story quest from the original game and will cost you $18, while the second one will get your character through all the quests from the Heavensward expansion and will cost you $25.

The price is quite steep! If you add the cost of everything to level boost in Final Fantasy 14, it ranges from $103 to $110. But the pricing has been made a bit high intentionally, not as a money grab but as a deterrent. Hence, gamers who have played Final Fantasy for hours wouldn’t feel intimidated or worried if new players would catch up with them instantly, unless they are willing to pay the price. So, perhaps the high price will encourage new players to play through Final Fantasy 14.

Alternative Ways to Level Up in Final Fantasy 14?

World of Warcraft designs included in its expansion-free level boost that gives players the option to jump ahead to tackle the game’s new content immediately. So, why doesn’t Final Fantasy 14 offer this same option? The cost to purchase a level boost and the scenario shortcut is too high, but there are alternative ways you can level up in Final Fantasy 14. This section will teach you 12 ways to level up in Final Fantasy 14 like you are on . And the best part is that you can start most of this method from level 1. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new player; these methods will work excellently for everyone.

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Final Fantasy 14 Rested Bonus: One of the easiest ways to gain EXP points is by logging out when you are in a Sanctuary. You will get a stored bar of EXP points as a 50% bonus the next time you log in.

Item Buffs: Another excellent way to gain EXP bonuses is by wearing item buffs. Item buffs automatically bring more EXP points in. For example, wearing a Moogle Cap gives you +20% experience up to level 10, while a Menphina earring gives you 30% experience up to level 8-. Sadly, there are not many item buffs; they are pre-ordered.

Join a Final Fantasy Free Company: Joining a Free Company is a fantastic way to find and make friends to run dungeons. As a member of a Free Company, when a buff is enacted, it gives you an EXP boost, so it’s worth being in one even if you want to be a lone wolf.

How Much Is The Level Boost In Final Fantasy 14?

Food: Consuming food is one of the most overlooked ways to level up. Although it doesn’t give you as much EXP, consuming it regularly is an inexpensive way to level up. Note that all food items earn you the same EXP point.

Final Fantasy 14 Challenge Log: Performing specific objectives in Challenge Log, whether it is participating in a PVP fight, finishing a Guildhests, or a dungeon, you earn EXP points. But the Challenge quest is not available straight away; it is unlocked after beating the level 15 Rising.

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Guildleves: Gamers can participate in Guildleves if they have enough Levequest Allowance. Note that six allowances are given per day, with three allowances given every 12 hours. By participating in Guildleves, gamers can quickly complete it and earn a decent amount of EXP points upon completion.

FATEs: FATEs appear randomly on the map and are one of the most enjoyable ways to level up. FATEs consist of another event, mission, or boss fight. It is wise to join a FATE battle with a friend, as the reward you get depends on how well you perform the task.

Class & Job Quests: In Final Fantasy 14, every class has a Class Quest. Completing each Class Quest unlocks new moves and nets you many EXP points. You can start your Job Quests when you get to level 30, earning you EXP points.

Final Thoughts

Final Fantasy 14 is a hardcore game that requires a steep learning curve. Some tactics and techniques of the game are hidden deep inside the regular gameplay. This and more makes it relatively easy to lose points. But with a boosting service, you play with experienced players who will help you get through the technicalities of the gameplay. A boosting service can help you with level and gear boost, character boost, coaching boost, EXP boost, raid boost, job boost, etc. So, whatever kind of boost you need, you can be sure to find it at an ideal boosting service.

How Much Is The Level Boost In Final Fantasy 14?