You will surely remember the launch of Pokémon Go in 2016, when the game quickly became a mass phenomenon.
Players have flocked to the streets, parks and many other places in search of Pokémon.
Activities that confused the Canadian military at the time, according to internal documents which are now published.

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“Please advise staff that Fort Frontenac appears to be a Pokégym and a Pokéstop,” Major Jeff Monaghan said in an email. “I want to be completely honest: I have no idea what this is. “
At least three military police officers from different bases have been urged to use smartphones and laptops to scour the region in search of Pokémon, Pokéstops, and arenas.
“Maybe we should hire a 12-year-old to help with this,” wrote David Levenick, a security expert at a military base in Borden, Ont., In another email.
Authorities noted an increase in “suspicious activity” in the weeks following the release of Pokémon Go. At a military base, a woman was found whose children were riding a tank outside the CFB Borden military museum. She played Pokémon Go.
In the parking lot of a base in Greenwood, Nova Scotia, police examined a “suspicious act” vehicle to find that those inside were catching Pokémon. Another man was arrested at a military base while playing Pokémon Go and told officials he wanted more points than his children, CBC News reports.
Finally, the armed forces were forced to issue a public warning. Players should not go to military terrain in search of Pokémon.
Reactions to the request have been mixed. In North Bay, complaints were filed with Niantic because it was believed that a Pokéstop at the base of the base would increase traffic and negatively impact the accomplishment of the base’s mission.
“Maybe a few people will visit the museum then! Wrote Major Alicia Saucier from the military base in Petawawa, Ontario. Also in Halifax, efforts were made to make suggestions for improvement, for example by moving the Pokéstops to cheaper locations and thus increasing the number of visitors to the museum.
Shortly after the game’s release, there were numerous reports of accidents and the like involving Pokémon Go. Today, players seem to be more careful.
Source: CBC, New York Times

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