How to access iCloud using an Android or iOS phone. iCloud is a storage platform developed by Apple. Its mode of operation is similar to that of Google Drive, although the option for Mac, iPhone and iPad is better integrated and more functional.

In addition to storing files, iCloud works as a information manager. This service is responsible for keep in sync the chats of WhatsAppthe browsing history of Safarithe passwordsthe contactsthe calendarsthe payment details and other information important between multiple devices.

Apple allows access to iCloud from a special menu on iPhone and Mac, but it is possible access the web version that works in any Internet browsereven Android.

So that you can solve it without any problem, we explain the process step by step:

How to access iCloud on an Android phone

There is no other way to access iCloud from Android other than through Google Chrome, the browser that is already installed by default on this system. You can of course use other browsers for this, like Edge, Firefox, Opera or any other.

  • Open the Internet browser of your Android phone. For this tutorial we are using Google Chrome. If your browser supports, you’ll see a screen like this:
  • Now, put your credential Apple User ID.
  • If your iCloud session is active on another Apple device, you will be sent a password for access authorization. Otherwise, this code will arrive by SMS. Remember to check the option “trust this browser” when it appears.
  • After confirming with the code, you will see a second screen with the applications of the iCloud suite. These include calendar, photos (which houses images and videos that are synced between devices), reminders and Find My iPhone (which you can use on the web to track and find your lost iPhone).
  • To see all of the options that iCloud offers, such as iWork email, Friends, and iCloud Drive (a service similar to Google Drive), you’ll need to activate computer versionwhich will make the site behave on mobile as it does on PC.
  • With open, click the three dots icon stacked in the top right corner of Chrome and choose “computer version”. Ready! You will see other application options that the service offers.
  • How to access iCloud on iOS mobile

    From any iPhone or iPod, you can access iCloud the same way we did it in the Android section above. To see how:

    • Open Safari and go to
    • Being an Apple product, the browser will suggest the user’s login which can be used on the screen. Confirm using your data to access the website.
    • You will not need to enter the security code when accessing the iCloud website from an iOS mobile phone. However, unlike Android, the option “computer version” already it does not show options beyond the basic services.

    This has been everything! If you liked it, don’t miss this guide where we explain how to activate dark mode in iOS 14. Until next time!

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