You can now add four new ‘mixes’ or reproduction mixes with different themes to YouTube Music, personalized lists updated weekly. The lists do not appear in the app yet, but you can add them to your account by following their link on the web.

Little by little, Google is improving YouTube Music to assimilate it to the music platform that is about to disappear, Google Play Music. The transition has already started, we can even migrate lists, data and songs in a very easy way. So now it’s time to go enrich the musical suggestions with different automated lists, mixtures already accessible even if they do not appear in the mobile application. Do you want to add them to your library?

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Automated mixes renewed on Monday

YouTube Custom Music Mixes Custom YouTube Music mixes that are updated every Monday

Automated and personalized mixes for each user are a great way to discover new music, especially if the system refreshes it often enough. Spotify has a weekly list of discoveries, for example: every Monday offers music to the user; in addition to the different recommendations by musical type, of course. Do you want something similar on YouTube Music? You can access the automated and gender “mixes”.

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Google is redesigning the YouTube Music recommendations section: this section will soon be available directly through apps and the web. However, some of the recommendations are already working even though they don’t appear: Iordbrack posted on Reddit the discovery of four automated lists that are updated every Monday. And the best thing is that you can add them to your account just by clicking on their respective link.

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  • Relaxing blend. Slow-paced music for those times when you need to relax.
  • Mix for exercise. The name of the playlist already says it: music to burn calories.
  • Energy mix. Quite similar to the previous one: fast pace to increase energy level.
  • Mix to focus. Music list designed not to lose focus. Ideal for moments of study or work.

None of the previous mixes appear in the app: the only way to listen to them is to click on the corresponding link for later add mixes to your library (Your browser will open, you must sign in with the Google account that you will use in YouTube Music). Once all the lists are saved, they will be updated every week taking into account your musical tastes and also the theme. Of course, there is a limit: Custom mixes are only suitable for those who have YouTube Music Premium ou YouTube Premium, at least for now.

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