How to access the Office package without paying a subscription?.

Office Home and Student 2019 is the most up-to-date version of the package, bringing the classic applications of the tool, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you need these programs, but do not want to join the subscription program, you can buy Office Home and Student 2019 for 359 reais *. With that, they will work for as long as you need. Want to learn more about the benefits of Office Home and Student 2019? Voxel tells you. (* Price may change)

The first is that you will have full access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, without having to worry about paying any fees again. This can be a great option if you are a student and need options within budget. When purchasing Office Home and Student 2019, you can install it on a computer, whether it has a Windows or Mac operating system. The user is also entitled to Microsoft support for 60 days at no additional cost.

But what are the features of the 2019 version of the world’s most famous office tool pack? Word, for example, maintains the clean appearance that marks the product, but it also includes a grammar checker that uses artificial intelligence to correct spelling and give style suggestions. There is also a thesaurus to help when it is blank about which word can be used to replace another. No writing boring texts with these tools, huh?

How to access the Office package without paying a subscription?

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How to access the Office package without paying a subscription?

With the black theme for Word 2019, the problems of tired eyes are minimized. Other important tools are additional learning resources, subtitles, audio description, text to speech and other accessibility tools. Classic tools like change tracking, comments, and versioning continue to work well.

If you need a personalized document, with a more interesting design than a white background with black letters, Word 2019 can also help. There are several pre-defined themes that you can adapt according to your needs.

How to access the Office package without paying a subscription?

PowerPoint, on the other hand, continues with its striking features of creating presentation simply and efficiently, but it also has additional tools. In addition to the themes for the slides, the program gives design suggestions to make your presentations more impactful. Just add an image and watch the magic happen. Another important tool for those who make presentations, whether at work or college, is the possibility of making notes that are visible only to you. So there is no danger of forgetting any details of what you need to say.

The zoom in PowerPoint 2019, in turn, allows you to share stories at a new level, making it possible to use non-linear narratives to present summary slides. With zoom, you can maintain the narrative without leaving presentation mode. This means that the public will continue to pay attention to what is being presented, without dispersing from the line of reasoning.

How to access the Office package without paying a subscription?

Excel, in turn, is a program with so many applications that it is essential for practically everyone. Whether you need to manage some data and do simple statistical tests or if you just want to organize your finances, the spreadsheet manager will be useful in all cases.

Excel 2019 also has artificial intelligence, making it easier to learn the patterns by which data is organized. You can also create graphs or tables to summarize the information, with several design options. One of the types of graph available, the timeline, allows you to show a series of events over time, following a chronological order. In the new version of Excel 2019, there are more elements to identify insights, trends and opportunities to leverage your data.

Is Office Home and Student 2019 different from Office 365?

How to access the Office package without paying a subscription?

Now that you know the benefits of Office Home and Student 2019, you can compare it with another Microsoft product, Office 365. They have different functions and you need to understand each one to identify which version best suits your needs.

Office Home and Student 2019 works with a stand-alone sales model. This means that you purchase the product once and it is yours and can be installed on a computer. After purchase, you will have access to the full version of the programs, receiving security updates. To install the product, you must have access to the internet, as it needs to be activated. After that, you can work offline without any limitations. To install Office Home and Student 2019, simply go to the Services & Subscriptions section in your Microsoft account after purchase.

How to access the Office package without paying a subscription?

Running on a subscription model, Office 365 gives you access to the three main programs in the package, but also offers storage space on OneDrive. The monthly fee is defined according to the number of users who will use the package and the amount of storage in the cloud. In addition, the Office 365 subscription makes it possible to install applications on devices other than the computer, such as smartphones and tablets, and also receive system updates.

Therefore, Office Home and Student 2019 offers full access to the main programs for as long as the user needs, through a single payment. So don’t miss the offer and get the package!