How do I activate Google Lens on my Android phone? For years, Chrome has tried to continuously innovate its system to offer better assistance to users, together with Google, they have produced variety of upgradessuch as computers and cell phones.

In its latest stable version, Chrome 95 for Android, has updated new features in the Search bar And in the navigation directions that make it easy to connect with Google Lens. Thanks to the new version, Chrome expands the possibilities with the application.

With the new version for Android, Google immediately activated the option of search varieties, where they enter by voice, writing or image. These options are reflected to the right of the Search Bar with the icons of a microphone and a camera.

Can’t turn it off?

The answer is yes. Going into your Chrome browser, in the address bar Chrome://flags, you may have the option to disable it if you so choose.

When locating the flag “Google Lens in Omnibox and New Tab Page”, you select disabled, and it is forcibly removed. you press Launch and the changes made in the browser will be saved.

Is there another way to activate Google Lens on my Android?

Yes actually, Google has generated the Google Lens application as a mobile app, although it is only and is limited to the versions OS Android 6.0 and later versions.

One of the advantages of activating Google through the app is the number of new and refined options that the server offers. For example, keep the scanning and translation of texts, identifies plants, animals and things, explore where you aredoes lookups for objects and styles based on an algorithm of something that caught your attention.

You also have the option of viewing the restaurant and food reviews before they reach your table. AND Scan QR and barcodes.

In the digital age we live in, it is very useful to have a tool that covers so many needs in just one application. So, if you are interested, enter the Play Store from your Android device and hit Discharge. The procedure will last as long as your connection allows it to run, if you have a stable internet connection, you can quickly start downloading and enjoy all the benefits.

Your Android device will tell you if it’s available for it, and if not, Google Lens is also available on Google Assistantwhich is an app available on your Google Store. You can also get it in your google photos, where you can immediately link your photos with the application and investigate, observe and learn everything related to what you are interested in investigating. you just have to select the photo of interest, choose the item to investigate present in it and you will be able to see the necessary information for what is required.

NowWhat are you waiting for? Use your Google Lens wherever you decide and enjoy the multiple benefits that the application provides.

Fast and easy.

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