Android has hidden options for developers, Google Play also has a few and they are also available on Telegram, here in the hidden Debug menu, also available in the stable version of the app.

If you want to get the most out of Telegram, you have to know it secret telegram menu where you can access some useful functions to resolve errors or change the way the application works. We explain how to access the menu as well as the options available to it today.

How to activate developer options

The way to activate options for Android developers has not changed in years – it is to club building version in the system information. This sort of became the norm for activating secret menus, which is also used in many Android Easter Eggs. On Telegram, it’s something similar.

To activate the secret menu, you must first access the app settings. To do this, you need to unfold the side panel and touch Adjustments. Scroll down where indicated la version Telegram. You don’t have to club, but long press. The first time you do this, you will receive a message with a shrug ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯. The second, the secret menu will open.

Unlike other semi-hidden menus in other apps, in Telegram they will not be activated indefinitely. If you want to reopen the menu immediately, just click on the version again. If you exit and enter the app, you will start from scratch and see the shrug. In other words, the process of activate Telegram’s secret menu is the next:

  • Open the side panel

  • Go in Adjustments

  • Long press app version, below

  • Bring another long touch on the version

What hidden options are available


It should be noted that the debugging options are primarily intended for troubleshooting errors, although some of them may be useful in specific cases for end users. In addition, the available options disappear or appear without notice in future versions of Telegram. Today, these are debugging options available in Telegram for Android:

  • Contacts d’importation. If contact sync is not active, you turn it on and probably upload the contacts to the Telegram cloud immediately. The option does not display any interface when you tap it.

  • Reload contacts. No information is displayed and there is no documentation about it, although it would make sense to refresh the contact list just like the option present in WhatsApp.

  • Restore imported contacts. Again, no information or interface is displayed. The option appears to be used to resolve contact sync issues with Telegram.

  • Reset chats. There is no documentation for this feature, although it might be useful to troubleshoot specific chat sync issues.

  • Activate recordings. Add a new debug menu to the Telegram side menu. You can send the recordings there in TXT format to any compatible application.

  • Disable internal camera. Prevent Telegram from using its own camera every time you send a file. To send photos with the camera, the phone’s default camera is used.

  • Clear the sent multimedia cache. In theory, you should clear the cache of photos and videos you sent to other chats, although in our testing Telegram’s cache size didn’t change.

  • Call settings. This is the only section that today displays an additional options window. This indicates that you are only changing something if you know what you are doing and you can force the TCP connection or ConnectionService on Telegram calls.

Call settings

  • Read all chats. As simple as that, any chats you had unread on Telegram will be marked as read.

  • Do not pause music while recording. If you listen to music on your mobile and start recording new voicemail, the music will not stop.

Source : Frandroid