How to add a place to Google Maps.

Today we will see how you can add a new place to Google Maps easily from your PC and your mobile. If you have detected that a site is missing in Google Maps, you can add it yourself including a series of basic information.

Part of the success of Google Maps is that it draws on information from millions of users. Any user can suggest new sites, although Google uses algorithms and the user community itself to moderate requests and rule out possible abuses.

How to add a place to Google Maps

Google officially calls this function “Add a missing site” although it should rather be called “suggest a missing site”, since lThe final decision is up to Google and the user community. Having said that, if you’re adding a real site – and it should be – and you’ve filled in the data correctly, the new site will most likely end up being added to Google Maps.

Add a site from the Google Maps website

Adding a missing site to the web version of Google Maps is very easy. First, you must find where is that place on the map. Try to make the location as precise as possible, based on the streets, satellite photos or Street View and right click with the mouse to open the context menu. Choose Add a missing site.

How to add a place to Google Maps

Now is the time to fill in the details of the place. Only three fields are required: the Name, the direction and the category:

  • Name: To have the best chance of success, make sure you write the name correctly, without misprints and as it appears on the official site, without additions. For example, “Bar Manolo” instead of “El bar dl Mnaolo”.

    How to add a place to Google Maps
  • Direction: It is filled in automatically according to where the marker is located on the map, but if it is incorrect or you can complete it with additional data (number, door, floor, etc.), fill it in.

  • Category: It can be the most difficult item to fill in, as there are a lot of subcategories. For example, there are categories for bar, dart bar, bar with live music, salsa bar, tapas bar … Start writing the category that is closest to you and don’t worry, if it’s not entirely correct, someone you can correct it later (or yourself).

    How to add a place to Google Maps

If you wish, you can touch Add phone, schedule and website to expand more fields of the form that you can also fill out if you know them. When you’ve filled everything out, tap Send to send your suggestion.

It is possible that after pressing Send Google Maps it will notify you that it has found a similar place. If so, the place, its category and location are indicated. If you are convinced that it is not the same place, press Send anyway And, congratulations, you’ve just added your first place to Google Maps. You will receive an e-mail if it is finally included in the system.

Add a site from the Google Maps app

Adding a place to Google Maps from your application is just as simple and consists of the same steps, although the process is obviously slightly different. First, do a long press at the location of the place you want to add, until a bookmark is created.

How to add a place to Google Maps

Now comes the important part, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to expand the information about the selected place: your bookmark. At the bottom you will find the option that interests us: Add a missing site.

Now you have to fill in the information of the place, specifically the Name, the direction and the category. Google Maps already fills in the address by itself according to the location, but you can modify it by adding more details (floor, number …). Also if you wish you can touch on Add phone, schedule, website and photos to include more information. It’s optional, but the more information you add, the more likely your site is to be included. When you’re done, press the button Send on the top bar.

You may receive a warning window like the one above telling you that there are places with a similar name and asking if you were referring to one of those. Review the suggestions just in case and, if you are convinced that the place you are adding is not one of those, press Send anyway.

How to add a place to Google Maps

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