how to apply online.

We are going to explain to you how to apply for the Minimum Living Income through the Internet, a benefit approved by the Government of Spain to ensure a minimum monthly income for households in a situation of special vulnerability. This is an income of between 462 and 1,015 euros depending on the number of people who live together as beneficiaries and their characteristics, and which seeks to reduce the level of poverty in the country.

If you want to know if you are entitled to receive a certain amount, you have a simulator to check if you meet the requirements. If you meet them, then here are the steps to follow to apply online starting today, June 15. To do this, you will need your electronic certificate or Cl @ ve username and password. In the process, you will also have to download and fill out a document that you fan to offer, and then scan it to send it in another step.

Request the Minimum Living Income

To apply for the Minimum Living Income, the first thing you have to do is enter the electronic headquarters of the Social Security, whose page is Once you are inside, click on the Citizens tab, and in the menu that appears click on the Family section that you will see inside.

how to apply online

You will enter the page of the Family section, where you will find a list of various options to access. In this list, click on the option Minimum Vital Income that you will see right away in fourth place.

When you click on the Minimum Vital Income option, a window will open below with the options you have to verify your identity and access. Here, click on the identification method you prefer, such as the electronic certificate.

how to apply online

Depending on the method to verify your identity that you have chosen, the process will show you one or another window to complete it. We have used our electronic certificate, so a browser window simply opens, and if we have it installed in it, it only remains to select it and click OK.

After logging in, you will enter the Initial Information page. In it, you just have to choose if you want to request the benefit for yourself or for someone else. If you are going to request it for yourself, select that you act as an interested party, and if it is for another person, you will have to be a legal representative. We are going to focus on the personal process, so we choose the first option and click Continue.

how to apply online

You will enter the application form, which we can divide into two parts. At the top you can write your personal information. The only mandatory thing is the province, but you can complete it with your phone, email or other things in the Observations section.

Below the observations field you have the attached Documentation section, which is the bulk of the process. Here, first you have to download the documentation of the application process (1) by clicking on the Get it here link. You must download, print, fill out and re-digitize or scan this document, and once you have it attach it in the process (2) with the Choose file button.

how to apply online

When you click on Get it here, you will access the documentation that you must download, fill out and send again. In this documentation you will be asked for information about yourself and your family, including information about your wealth and income. Here, you will have to write all your real data, and then complete the rest of the process. You may be asked for some extra documentation.

And when you send this document again, you will see at the end of the process a review with your data entered so that you can make sure that everything is correct. Once you confirm it, you will receive a personal code by Social Security. Make sure you save this code well, since it will help you to know the status of the request.