How to associate another DualSense controller to your PS5 in the fastest way? whether the user has purchased a new ‘DualSense control and which requires to be put into operation through its console, or in such a case accordingly since in which the ‘controller of the PS5′ is having trouble.

For this chapter we will show what would be the steps to follow for theSynchronize a DualSense remote control with its ‘PS5’ console, starting from the beginning in detail, in the simplest way possible, in which case anyone can do it satisfactorily and quickly and safely.

How does it work to associate another DualSense controller to your PS5 in the fastest way?

For the ‘PS5 controller’ this is considered to be compatible with ‘Bluetooth’, meaning that it is not necessary to be physically connected to be able to use it on the console. However, it also means the need to synchronize it or if it is paired with it, it is like in the next one that we are going to illustrate the steps to follow to activate it.

1.- Regularize the PS5 controller in a feasible and expeditious manner

Similar or the same as its predecessors, this systemDualShock 03 and the ‘DualShock 04´, this controller ´PS5’s DualSense It can be used wirelessly, however if you do not have it connected by the cable it will not work automatically with the ‘PS5’ which is closest, but in this case you will have to carry out the dispersion process.

In this case, obviously, you would not have to execute it every time it is required to be used: it is enough to do it once and it will remain equal until it breaks with the link, that is, synchronize this command with a new one.PS5 ´that is different or in case you can use it with a computer.

2.- Link the controller to the ‘PS5’ for the first time

If the user is connecting in his ‘PS5´ for the first time, it will be convenient to connect this control of the ´DualSense´ through the cable since it will be imperative to be able to configure your account. This will be included by means of a cable with your ‘console, also proceed to connect it to one of its ports on the front of your ‘PS5´ Because of its cable, on the other side the ‘USB-C’ connector that it assumes in the control.

3.- Activation of the pairing mode of your remote

If what the user is doing is trying to synchronize the remote that he has acquired separately, meaning adding an attached remote, then this pairing mode must be created through ‘Bluetooth’.

Being the first step placing your remote in the ‘DualSense´ with its pairing mode, having to keep pressing the button of its logo for the ‘PlayStation’ in which and in the same way that it turns on, as well as the button to create simultaneously.

For this create button, it would be located above the part in the upper left corner of the trackpad. You manage to stop pressing these 02 buttons so that when you distinguish the light that is under the ‘trackpad’ it is blinking intermittently in a blue tone, darkening in so many seconds and then blinking again.