how to backup everything to Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud.

We live in the era of “everything in the cloud” or at least in which it is possible to have a lot of our data when and where we want, usually of course for a small price. We can even make our full backup in the cloud, although it is usually a manual process as we will see below.

Three of the most popular services that offer a minimal amount for free are Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud, but the way to make the copy will depend on our device, what we are interested in having and each platform. We see it below.

how to backup everything to Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud

Google drive

Google Drive storage allows you to save all types of files regardless of their size, with the advantage that being a service of the Mountain View company there are quite a few facilities if we use a mobile with Android. In fact, when we start a mobile phone with this system for the first time, we already get the option to activate the backup in Google Drive, and if we cannot, we can also do it later.

Drive backup for a smartphone includes application data, call history, contacts, device settings, photos and videos (using Google Photos) and SMS messages (does not include MMS). For this we have to follow the following steps:

how to backup everything to Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud
  • Open Settings> Google> Make backup.
  • Click on “Create a backup now”. When this process is finished, all the data that we have discussed will be in Google Drive.

In addition, if we want to dump them after restoring or on a new mobile, we can do so by entering the Google account in the startup configuration wizard. It will notify you that you have found a backup or backup copy, with which we can use it to restore.

Speaking of a computer, the tool that Google has provided since 2017 is Backup and Sync, which must be downloaded and installed. A solution that allows us to store our backup copy of the entire hard drive of our computer and also locally synchronize the information that we already have in Drive.

how to backup everything to Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud

The process is quite simple and allows us to select or not according to which folders and contents (in macOS including the Photos library by default, for example). The copies will be automatically maintained in real time, being able to modify preferences at any time and include external storage such as USB sticks or SD cards.

If we prefer something less automatic, we can always use Drive to include the folders that interest us in its standard tool, although this will be perhaps more laborious (it is the old-fashioned backup, but using cloud storage and not a physical hard drive ). And in turn, we can also make a backup copy of our own Drive. Although yes, normally we will need more gigs than are given for free.

how to backup everything to Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud


OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service and offers a solution similar to what we have seen before. Once we download and install the app (available for computers and mobiles, both iOS and Android) it offers us to do a selection of the folders or files that we want to upload and / or sync.

In Windows it will be installed by default but the backup is also done by selecting folders. We will have to choose the ones that we are interested in having in this copy, normally documents, photos, POP3 mail, desktop and some other directory that we use frequently.

As with Google Drive, in OneDrive we can also choose which folders we want to have synchronized on the PC, both when setting up the account and afterwards. For this we will have to go to the Settings, choose the Account section and then choose the folders. And it is likely that if it is a lot of information we will have to buy more space.

how to backup everything to Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud

It should be said that cloud solutions (these that we have seen so far in this article and in general) have the limitation of not being a complete copy, but a selection of folders. But speaking above all about Windows we have some third-party tools that allow you to create various types of backups And that you can see in our guide to backups in Windows 10, such as Paragon (also for macOS) and EaseUS.


iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage system and is activated by default for photos and some files on your mobile devices after starting them and logging in with our Apple ID. There are some differences when talking about computers and mobiles, but it must be clear that it is a service for copies of brand devices (from Windows 10 we can manage them).

Speaking of iPhone, iPod and iPad, we will have to go to settings as we saw[intheguidetomakeacompletebackupofanymobilephone)Wewillseethatwecanactivateordeactivateeachcopyoffilesaccordingtotheapporserviceandthatwefindtheoption”CopytoiCloud”referringtoafullbackupinthecloud[enlaguíaparahacernosunbackupcompletodecualquiermóvil)Veremosquepodemosactivarodesactivarcadacopiadearchivossegúnlaappoelservicioyqueencontramoslaopciónde”CopiaeniCloud”referidaaunbackupcompletoenlanube

how to backup everything to Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud

If we leave it activated, they will be carried out automatically and periodically, although we can press “Make a backup now” at the moment that interests us to keep it up to date. Are saved settings, configuration, documents and data of the Home app, but we will have to make sure that we also have activated the switch for Photos if we also want the photos and videos from the gallery to be included, as well as data from other own and third-party apps.

In macOS we have to do the same: go to our Apple ID, which is in system preferences (or in Mojave and earlier versions, go to iCloud). There we will see what we have synchronized in iCloud, being able select or deselect what interests us, but if we want to include the Desktop and Documents folders we will have to update the computer to macOS Sierra or later versions (and then activate the boxes here). We have 5GB of free space that often falls short for these copies, but we can buy more.