How to calculate the toll with Waze. Knowing how to calculate tolls with Waze, the popular GPS navigation application, is now possible with Android and iPhone (iOS).

The feature, which was highly anticipated by users, is especially useful for those who do not they know the route and can help the user to plan financially. However, the app warns that Data is collaborative and may vary slightly.

In the following tutorial, from trick library we show you how register and calculate tolls with Waze.

How to sign up for Waze

  • Install Waze on your mobile. When opening it for the first time, press “Begin”. Then scroll down and agree to the app’s terms of use.
  • Now it’s time “New account”. On the map, touch the magnifying glass icon in the lower left corner of the screen to open the Waze menu.
  • touch “Not registered” and then touch “Not registered” again.
  • Finally, go to “Create Account” and select if you want to use your Facebook data or register using a phone number.
  • How to calculate tolls in Waze

  • On the main Waze screen, tap the search bar at the top of the screen and search for your destination.
  • then press “Go”. you will see the total amount of tolls on the route just below the road name.
  • How to set up a tag in Waze

  • Waze also allows you add freeway labels. To do this, in the application menu, tap on the gear icon to access the settings. From there, open “Toll Passes”.
  • The most common tags. touch the «+» to the right of the name to add it. If necessary, go to “Show everything” to see all the tag options.
  • This has been everything! We hope this brief guide will help you with the app. If you liked it and now you want to learn how to change your voice in Waze, keep reading!

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