How to call on WhatsApp: audio and video.

How to call on WhatsApp: audio and video

How do I make a voice or video call on WhatsApp to anyone? Can I arrange a group call and what do I have to do? You will find the answers to your questions in our summary: we have prepared detailed and simple instructions for each case!

How to call on WhatsApp: audio and video

Make a call

Take note! We will explain in detail how to make a voice or video call on WhatsApp from your phone, commenting on the nuances and rules. Our instructions are suitable for both Android and iPhone mobile phones. There may be slight differences in the menu item names depending on your phone model, but overall the algorithm is still working and unchanged.

Shall we start? First of all, let’s try calling the desired contact via WhatsApp: it’s easy, anyone can do it:

How to call on WhatsApp: audio and video
  • Connect to messenger;
  • Go to the chat section;
  • Find the desired chat and open it;
  • You will see a tube-shaped icon in the top bar;
  • Click on it, then confirm the action and wait for a response.

That’s it: you’ve been able to call anyone on WhatsApp! You just have to wait for the connection and start the conversation. Do you want to end the conversation? Tap the red earphone in the center of the screen.

How to make a video call

What do you do if you want to make a video call to a WhatsApp subscriber? There is an option: it is very simple, we will help you figure it out!

How to call on WhatsApp: audio and video
  • Open the tab. “chats” and navigate to the desired conversation;
  • On the top bar, find the camcorder icon and start the video call.

If you want to switch to video while you’re on a voice call, great! It doesn’t get any easier. The following algorithm is for you:

  • Follow all the steps according to the previous algorithm: we have already told you how to call on WhatsApp;
  • Once the connection is established, a few icons will appear on the screen; in the center you have to find the button with the camera;
  • Press it and wait for a notice to appear on the screen “Switch to video call?”;
  • Click on the icon “Switch”. – after a few seconds, the front camera will turn on automatically.

We have already covered in detail how to make a Watsapu call, don’t skip another important topic! It’s time to talk about how to accept an incoming voice or video call!

How to call on WhatsApp: audio and video

take a call

If a call comes in for you, it’s worth answering the caller! Or reject the call if you find it uncomfortable: let’s see how to do it. When a call comes in, various icons will appear on the screen:

  • Tap “Answer” on your iPhone or swipe up on the green earpiece on your Android;
  • Press the cross on the iPhone to cancel the call. If you’re using Android, swipe up on the red earbud.

That is all you need to know! Let’s move on to the final part of our review: Let’s try calling a group of WhatsApp users.

Group chat.

The need to have a conference can arise for each user – the developers of the messenger give us the opportunity to do it. To start a group chat, you need

How to call on WhatsApp: audio and video
  • Open WhatsApp and find the desired group in the chat tab;
  • In the top bar, look for the tube icon with a plus sign;
  • Click on it and a list of contacts who can join the conversation will open;
  • Check the boxes next to the desired users;
  • Once you’ve completed your selection, tap the headset icon to make an audio call. Or click on the camera to start a video conference.

You can also start a group voice chat in the “Calls” tab:

  • Locate the image of the telephone receiver with the plus sign, which is in the upper right corner;
  • click on the line “New Group Call”;
  • Mark the users you want to call on WhatsApp;
  • Select the type of communication: audio or video.

Calling by WhatsApp is easy! You may have seen it if you have carefully read our review: keep the instructions and follow the tips to call the right user on WhatsApp in seconds.