How to perform the Between Two Lands mission in Cyberpunk 2077? This occurs when completing the previous mission “Terror in the supermarket” in addition to the fact that it is related to another memory of Johnny

Follow Brigitte

You have to follow Brigitte until you reach the lair of the Voodoo children and enter the freezer to enter cyberspace. He continues talking to Brigitte and continues to investigate the source of the sound which is from a microphone to the left. So she will unlock a new mission for you called “The rockers go to H**l”

After that you have to go to Atlantis to meet Rogue, go up the stairs and go to the bar area, now that you are with Rogue, talk to her, but then there will be a shooting in which you will have to prevent her from hurting you by hiding or using the toppings.

Decisions matter in this game.

If you’re paying attention to the stories, you’ll notice how the Netrunners, V, and Johnny Silverhand are connected in how they deal with the minds of these types of characters.

After finishing our journey in cyberspace. They can change the targets depending on what you did with the Agent’s deal: If you neutralized the netrunner, you can leave the place calmly, even so you shouldn’t anger the children of Voodoo.

But if you accepted the deal from the agent, all the netrunners of the Sons of Voodoo clan will appear dead on your screen, and you will have to face the allies who are approaching you, notified of the commotion, on top of that, you will have to face Placide , that I have finished using you for his reasons.

What is the best method?

Since this is a mission interspersed with anotheryou will have to think well what would be the best decision for your character, while one allows you not to have to face the gangs of the Netrunners and the children of Voodoo, by facing them, and then Placide, you will have the opportunity for a Legendary target weapons.

To do this, when you face all the enemies accepting the agent’s deal, make sure to look for the Netrunner that has the most health, try to neutralize him in a non-lethal way so that he can loot them, he will always leave a legendary weapon.

To follow Johnny’s plan.

After finishing this, you will be able to open up to the new mission of our partner “Destroyed Brains”, keep in mind that by doing this mission, many Secondary Courses will be unlocked, both to obtain more items and weapons from Johnny Silverhand, and to be able to improve your reputation and have more Eurodollars.

It will be necessary to complete several of these to be able to pass the following missions, since it will be very difficult to continue if you cannot have the necessary improvements and better weapons to be able to win in the course.