How to carry out the Concrete, Women and Alcohol mission in Cyberpunk 2077? Just finished the mission “The coup” We find this mission that goes after everything that happened in the previous mission.

How to carry out the mission?

Johnny Silverhand besides being a companion in your mission in the course of ascending in Nigth City, He is one of the most dangerous and effective mercenaries as demonstrated by this mission, where you will have the opportunity to control him with his powerful weapons and abilities.

The mission will start automatically, where we will be in the Club “The Hammer”, we have to make our way through the nightclub, to do one last show for our fans. After the event, you can decide to talk to the members of Johny Siverhand’s band. But it is not going to change the objective that he has set himself to achieve today.

Attack the Arasaka building.

After going up to the roof of the club, you will start talking to Rogue about the attack they will make, and how it will be a major impact, with a “explosive package” than leave it to the rival gang, they will attack you as soon as they have visual contact with the helicopter.

In one of these attacks, you are going to lose your partner who was driving the heavy turret, take charge of clearing the roof of the rival building yourself, and don’t let them destroy the helicopteronce ready to land, grab the bag and jump to the ground, to continue the mission.

Make Way with Spider Murphy

Once on the roof, wait for your fellow hacker Spider Murphy to make his way through the security of the building, once the door is open, you will have to fight your way down the stairs until you reach the main elevator, It’ll be a piece of cake with Johhny’s hand cannon.

Once you reach the main room, you will face elite soldiers, they are more armed and prepared against your weapons, so make sure they don’t bring your life downand take advantage of cover such as tables and chairs to avoid attacks.

Delivering the Package, send a message.

After the security wave is over, you will be able to leave the bomb package in the elevator, and you will be able to get a little more idea of ​​your plan, and the type of revolution of the group of Rogue Mercenaries.

Your leader will want you to return to the helicopter to escape before the building is filled with Arasaka security, but Johhny has other plans in mind, and also with the help of Spider Murphy, he will make his way to a control room, to transmit a virus. .

Virus Liberator.

You will enter a room that looks like a Japanese Dojo,take advantage of Jhonny’s wood coverage, and x-ray vision to be able to shoot the enemies that are hidden without them even being able to attack you.

Once the low security in this area has been overcome, you will arrive at the control room, where you will notice the outcome of the package, shocking all of Night City, and remembering this day as an act of terror. Before you can even escape, you’ll run into Smasher.

Smasher and Arasaka’s plan.

From now on you will not have control of the actions, Smasher, an old enemy of Jhonny, will attack you and automatically knock you out, after damaging the camera a bit, we will be back in Silverhand’s perspective, almost managing to escape in the helicopter on the roof.

Being knocked down by a rocket and letting go of Rogue, Johhny will fall to the roof at the mercy of Smasher, as well as being captured by the leaders of Arasaka, where “they will give him a punishment far worse than death.”