How to carry out the mission Death will visit you in Cyberpunk 2077? Luck with the missions has not gone well, after having to improvise in the previous mission, being in charge of Hanako, while Takemura still has an idea of ​​what to do to save his skin from the problems they have gotten into.

It must be taken into account that this mission is very important for one of the many endings of the game, since you will be able to choose the destination of one of your companions for what would be the final mission of the game, taking this into account, we will explain how to do it. the mission and its ramifications.

A visit to apartment 303

After contacting Takemura, you will have to meet at the agreed apartment, go up the stairs to the 3rd floor. You will have to do the option agreed upon in the call (Knock the door 4 times).

Once in the apartment, talk to Takemura, then you can sit down together with Hanuko to talk to her. After getting all the information possible from her, you will see a knock on the door, go to her and get ready, the Arasaka security team is knocking.

Attack on the Apartment.

Replenishing control of V after the security guards’ attack cinematic, you will be targeted, escape the place before it’s too late, but even though it’s not in the menu as an indicator, Takemura is still in his room. 303.

This is where you can change the fate of this character, and his appearance at the end of the game, so if you want to have him on your side for it, skip the short path and go back to rescue your business partner.

Saving Takemura.

In the corridor where you have control of V, instead of following the neon lights to the right, look for a hole that you have to duck to the left, you will see guards patrolling, we recommend you attack in one because stealth is something very difficult due to the narrowness of the map and the amount of reinforcements.

Once the threats are eliminated, make your way up the stairs that you used at the beginning of the gig, once you reach the third floor, you will see how now you have the option to save Takemura, before entering the room, on the fourth floor is a tarot card, for the secondary mission “Everything is transformed”.

Enter Apartment 303you will see Takemura entrenched defending himself from Arasaka’s guards, take advantage of their backs to give him a number of shots so you can escape from there.

Escaping from the building.

In this case, now it will only be to follow the path marked by the map, which is practically the same as the one they gave you at the beginning of the mission, only this time you will be accompanied by Takemura, talking to you a little more about what has happened, and how he is grateful to have saved him.

So in any case, if you didn’t save Takemura, in the final cinematic of the mission, it will only be your character V escaping from the building, but if you did the steps, both of you will leave and they will part ways.

Preparing the Nocturne Op.

After finishing the mission, you will enter a cinematic where you will be talking with Johnny Silverhand and an “unknown partner” to work on the final mission of the game, as well as the last side mission of Johnny Silverhand (“Brains Destroyed”).