How to carry out the mission of El Matasanos in Cyberpunk 2077? Our journey in the world of NightCity begins here, after having escaped with Jackie in another previous mission, and going through the Prologue of the game, you will see that things are not in a very good state for our protagonist and Jackie.

The objective of this mission will be to meet Jackie, but in addition to that, to walk and learn more about the current area of ​​the map, Kabuki, where everything is not as cybernetic or as exciting as compared to Night City or other parts of the map, one would say that it is the poor neighborhoods that the characters face.

Side quest work is coming.

You will be able to do the missions that appear on the screen before meeting with Jackie, among them are:

  • The woman of the stain.
  • The gift.
  • The flight of the cheetah.
  • Walk Rite.
  • Last Session.
  • Born to Master: Kabuki.
  • Hippocratic Oath.
  • It smells like tiger.
  • The Pipe.
  • Problematic Neighbors.
  • Hunt the monster.
  • Shark in the water.
  • Welcome to America.
  • Bloody sport.
  • Back against the wall.
  • Heisenberg’s principle.
  • Playing Loud.
  • devil skin
  • Occupational hazards
  • Freedom of the press.
  • I scare Dirty.
  • Sacrum Profanum.
  • Burning desire.
  • Garry the Prophet.
  • Watson crimes, assaults and crime events.

If you want to be prepared to do the quests that come up much more easily, you can do most of these side quests, because of the ease of being in a specific area, and the experience is high for the low level that can be done. carry out.

Make your move.

Whether you do some of these side quests, or not. You can take care of whatever is giving Jackie and V problems. Sit down with him to eat the noodles and he will tell you about the moves he has in mind with the gangs, you can reply that something smells like singe, to move the conversation forward in the history.

Jackie will return the car to us, and will indicate us to visit “the quack.” The tea will wait in his place, talk to doctor Viktor, and you will finish the mission with a debt of 2,100 Eurodollars, you can pay it right now (if you have done some side missions), or leave it to him to pay later.

Cyberware and cybernetic implants.

After paying our Debt with the quack Viktor, he will be able to give us the option of modifying our character to inject and operate on us with cyber enhancements, which can give our character superhuman abilities, which will help in combat and dangerous situations.

In addition, if you have enough money from the previous side missions in addition to paying off the debt, you can afford between 1 or 2 Cyberware upgrades, the upgrades to choose already depend on what style of play you are wanting, and how many Eurodollars and materials you have on hand .

But by paying Viktor’s debt, this option will be unlocked for us in any quack that is in the area, that is, we will be able to access more doctors that are out of our reach and improve ourselves there without any problem.