How to carry out the mission of how we have changed in Cyberpunk 2077?

This is one of the gigs that will activate one of the three branches of the main stories, including the secret ending that can be unlocked with the help of this guide. This is one of the connections that can be had at the end of the mission “I will dance on your tomb” and the “Brains Destroyed” cinematheque before going to talk to Takemura.

Before meeting with him, you can do one of the secondary activities, they are very few, so you can take advantage of them to improve your prestige and earn some eurodollars to be able to get some “Legendary” level items (which you could already without problem if you have been doing these missions).

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Meeting with Takemura

As soon as you accept this mission, you will have a new chain of missions, here you must be on the way to Japantown, specifically on the border with the Kabuki district, from here we will move towards the docks. Once close, it will be easy for you to follow the path by the marker on the screen.

So in this way the mission begins talking Takemura with V where they meet in a secluded and secret place where takemura explains what happened to him because they have stolen everything he had, and then he meets with Oda and tells you that she is from legit

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Meeting with Oda

After the previous conversation, Oda arrives in a car, in which V asks Oda to be his bodyguard, but the three of them begin to argue in which Oda rejects the offer and leaves, but at that moment Johnny arrives where Takemura says that Oda has said an important piece of information.

That important fact is the parade in which he is in JapanTown, in what they think of as hacking the place with the help of Wakako Okada, in which they are going to meet him.

Meeting with Wakako Okada

While you wait, Takemura stays talking to a man and after that they go to Wakako’s office where you ask her if she can help you, in the end she accepts and gives you a free ride in her car in which she shows you the parade data to hack.

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The latter is optional, since you can go your own route in your vehicle, they will tell you some information by phone if you choose this means, the truth is that it is preferable to take the hitchhiking, to have better data on history and on the job.

More information to not be able to stop us

After leaving the office Takemura will call some contacts to see if they know more about it, then the next day Takemura confirms that Wakako’s information is very important and you are going to meet Takemura again.

You can wait 24 hours by skipping in the menu, or wait playing as normal while doing other missions, and from here you can start the mission “They can’t stop us”