How to carry out the mission of My Lost Rock in Cyberpunk 2077? The trio of decisions that we had to make on the roof during “Nocturne Op.55 N° 1” this thread of missions will be given if you choose to fulfill the plan with Rogue, here unlike the other endings, we will not have to talk to Misty , or something else in between.

How to carry out the mission of My Lost Rock in Cyberpunk 2077?

Directly the game will put us in control, and our objective will be to seek to talk to Rogue, the answers you give her will not matter at the end of the game, choose the one that feels more in line with your character style, or as you think cope with the situation of the plan.

We will prepare the suitcase.

After talking with Rogue, and seeing the cinematic that happened against Johnny Silverhand, you will have to follow partner Weyland, he will help you in the mission, You will have a lot of equipment available in this areaSo take a few moments to stock up, this includes the iconic tactical assault rifle, the Prejudice.

The bias is one of the best assault rifles available, making it a power weapon, characterized by firing penetrating projectiles. It is based on the weapons in the game. HJSH-18 Masamuneand shares its 3-shot burst firing characteristic, so to fully utilize it, it is recommended to aim for the enemy’s chest, or control the burst by moving the scope down in combat.

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In addition to this, it has 4 mods to install, a scope mod, and a cannon mod, has 346.7 DPS damage per burst, and deals 65%-80% physical damage against enemies without extra armor or protection. .

Lights, camera, and action to rock.

After taking the items, make sure to take the jet boots, this will give V the ability to do the jump action twice in the air, you can practice a bit in this area, and when you are ready to move on, you will have You have to talk to Rogue and take the chip so you can start the meeting.

During the meeting, enter the netrunners’ room, and put on the suit to be able to navigate in cyberspace, you will have contact with Alt Cunningham’s Artificial Intelligence, the dialogues here are more predetermined so it will not affect your course in the mission.

When you’re done talking to the AI, take off your cyber suit, and talk to Rogue to get ready and proceed to infiltrate/attack Arasaka’s tower.

The songs were better when we were the best.

How to carry out the mission of My Lost Rock in Cyberpunk 2077?

From the bar, you will take a very familiar path that Johhny did in a past gig, even going so far as to return to an attack helicopter to be able to attack the same building they perpetrated again, fulfilling the mission of Rogue and Johhny, once inside the building , you will take care of the final mission of this character branch “When we were the best.”