How to carry out the woman’s mission in Cyberpunk 2077? After finishing the mission “The walk” he gives us missions that we can choose, but that you have to do both to be able to continue in the story.

Background on the mission

Before you start scanning the situation as a detective, you have to meet with Evelyn and Judy in Lizzie’.

First of all, go to the marker and open the menu where “skip time” will appear at the bottom and change the time to be between 18:00 and 06:00. After that when you get to Lizzie’s talk to the doorman to let you in.

You go to the bar and ask for Evelyn, while you can find several skewers, which you can find thanks to the scanner before talking to the bartender, tell him that you are someone who gives good tips so that he will let you talk to Evelyn while you have a drink. drink.

Talk to Evelyn and Judy

After talking to Evelyn, let the talk progress, all depending on the attributes. And after following Evelyn, he talks to July and tells her that if it’s your first time, to then talk to her and that the topic of the conversation is the investigation where she shows you a recording.

After that, you go into neurodance editing mode so you have to follow the instructions and play the robbery video, go through the video until you see the yellow and black stripe where there is a clue.

Go forward in the video until the robbery scene appears and scan the girl, then keep playing the video and going back until you see a clue, so you can know what happened.

Browse the video

  • Play the full video to be able to get and complete the secondary objective.
  • When the video ends, go back to the beginning of the part where Smasher appears as he exits the elevator, skip the edit and look to the right where you will see a camera and alarm system.
  • In the part where Evelyn talks about the candies, you look at the ceiling and in edit mode you can spot an automatic turret
  • Keep going until you see the last stages of testing where you scan the gun and a manual.
  • Pass the thermal camera to find what you are looking for is on the other side of the bed where Evelyn has approached.

Steps to follow

If you want to also complete the optional objective, you just have to scan the 5 different security elements that are in the room, but four that you scan is enough. These elements are:

  • Alarm system: They are on both sides of the elevator.
  • Military Grade Cyberware: It is a giant cybor bodyguard that is at the beginning of the recording.
  • Automated Turret: is on the roof.
  • Motion Sensor Camera: It is on the right of the entrance.
  • Motion Sensor Camera: On the ceiling, right where the TV is.

After achieving the secondary objective, you have to scan Yorinobu’s datapad in order to complete the second part of the mission “The Woman” but in order to finally complete it you have to wait until the end of the recording where Yorinobu is shown asleep and leave the datapad on the bed. Why do you have to scan the datapad in the visual layer.

Relic Location:

In order to finish this mission, you have to find the location of the relics, therefore, you have to scan the thermal layer to find the clues as to where the relics may be in this apartment.

There are several interesting objects that you can scan such as an air conditioning vent, a fridge, champagne, an ice bucket, and a safe. The latter is the important thing to highlight. You will find the safe that is hidden at the end of the recording while Yorinobu and Evelin go to have a drink.

In the recording you see the place where the hidden safe is located in a corner of the room, you just have to scan it and that’s it, you will have completed the mission.