How to carry out the Terror mission in the Supermarket in Cyberpunk 2077? We already entered the longest missions of Cyberpunk2077, where the difficulty constantly increases, and your decisions are equally important, this mission begins after leaving the Batty Hotel, and having to take the control point of the people of Placid outside the Grand Imperial Mall.

You will have 2 main ways to take charge of this mission, you can follow Placide’s instructions, connect with his van and face the Sasquatch. And find the agent NetWatch in the Cinema, or directly go from this boss and find someone.

Facing the Sasquatch

If you choose to face the enemy, a boss with which you will have to keep your distance, because the melee combat against her is very weak with the strength that she possesses, even so, she possesses a set of weaknesses What you have to take into account:

sasquatch it is very weak against thermal damage weaponthey will shatter his cyberextensions, at the same time you attack him, move back, avoiding him to get close because a few hits from them are to end your game.

She is very open to different types of quick hacks, which will cause her to be immobilized for a few seconds. Take advantage and attack the enhancer that he has hanging on his back, when it is destroyed, he will have much more weakness to these types of attacks.

Don’t let the Sasquatch see you.

If you’re not well prepared, or have better stealth skills, run from cover to cover quietly and distract her by hacking the billboards. If you get into combat, run for cover, and if it’s in your options to do a quick Hack, towards Reset optics.

So while Sasquatch is blind while his vision is resetting, take advantage and perform 1 knockdown on him, it will be much easier if you have already defeated the bodyguards in the mall, keep in mind that you will have to do 2 knockdowns to finish it, at his enhancer, and then her.

Enter from the back of the mall

If you do not want to attract attention, you can go through the apartment towards the main floor of the shopping center, the entrance will be guarded by several Animals. Go forward by sticking to the wall, and using the cars and garbage cans to hide, there will be 2 guards, but they will ride their motorbike away if you wait.

Keep sticking to the right and go up the garage, there will be other gangsters, you can try to sneak attack them, or keep hiding between the boxes and go up to the mall.

Smile for the camera, guard.

Along the way, there will be a guard checking a computer and a security camera, you will have to hack it to be able to pass by, at the end of the tour, crouch down by the gym so the thugs won’t see you. Jump over the atrium barrier, avoid another thug on patrol, and you’ll be very close to the van.

Approach Placide’s van, you can knock out or eliminate the thug that is defending the Van, so that your stay in the vehicle is not endangered, once the neuroinformation is collected, you can proceed by several paths.

Infiltrate the Cinema.

Route A (Normal): From the entrance of the gym, you will have to enter from the left, follow stealthily until you see a thug training with weights, here follow your path to the right, and go up the stairs to the upper floor, hide from the 2 sentinel guards, and pass towards the cinema when they separate.

Route B and C (Constitution or Technical Ability): In the corridor that leads to the Gym, there will be some doors that you can enter, only if you meet the requirements of higher skill in Constitution, or Technical Skill, so you will go directly to the cinema.

The agent in the cinema

Once all the infiltration or combat is complete, you can talk to the NetWatch agent, he will end up making a proposal for V, after hearing it we can:

accept it: They will start attacks towards Brigitte and her Neutrunners, also the Sons of Voodoo will treat you with hostility.

reject it: The agent will suffer Hostility.

Regardless of your options, you will have to return to the Hotel Batty, you will meet Brigitte, you will have to talk to her work to be able to continue the missions of the plot, you could not continue until you accept her mission, if she leaves the club, you will have to call her to accept his quest, you can take advantage of this to do more side quests.