How to Change Parental Controls on PS4.

PlayStation is a video game console that provides a large number of devices for manually playing virtual games at home, giving users a real-time experience when it comes to gaming. It was launched on the market by the company Sony Entertainment. It has evolved to have additional features with the new incoming versions. Therefore, PS4 is an advanced version of PlayStation. Since PlayStation can be very addictive among young users, it provides certain parental controls that can be controlled by children’s parents to restrict certain functions of children’s PS4, such as restrict PS4 playing time limit, restrict view of certain inappropriate content or words, not allowing children to text or chat while playing online games with other players, etc. Various functions are linked to the main account, such as resetting the parental control password on PS4 and many other functions. If you are one of the PS4 users who wants to know how to change parental controls on PS4 and how to change child account to parent account, you are at the right place! This article will provide you with the answers to these frequently asked questions including can I change my age on PS4.

How to Change Parental Controls on PS4

Read on to find the steps explaining how to change parental controls on PS4 in detail with helpful illustrations for better understanding.

How to Change Parental Controls on PS4

Can I change my age on PS4?

Yes, you can change your age on PS4 only once in the . You can visit this page and sign in to your PSN account that is linked to your PS4.

How do you change parental controls on PS4?

Parental controls on PS4 can be implemented indirectly through smartphones, computers, etc. These controls help parents to control their children’s activity while playing games on PS4, since children are not mature enough to decide what is good or bad. However, if your child has reached a certain age where she wants to revert certain parental controls, she can do so by following the steps below.

How to Change Parental Controls on PS4

Note: These steps are applicable only if you remember the system restriction passcode you set for parental controls.

1. Go to Settings on your PS4.

How to Change Parental Controls on PS4

2. Choose Parental Controls/Family Management.

3. Next, enter your system restrictions password.

How to Change Parental Controls on PS4

4. Choose the desired user for whom you want to change parental controls.

5. Make the desired changes to the following network features.

  • Communicate with other players
  • View content created by other players
  • Age filtering for online content

6. After making the desired changes, select Confirm to save them.

How to Change Parental Controls on PS4

How do you change parental controls on PS4 online?

As mentioned above, parental controls are set to restrict certain features available on PS4. You can change parental controls on PS4 with the help of the steps mentioned above.

Note: The most important point to note is that if you want to set up or change the controls online, please make sure that you have created your own account on Play Station Network along with your children’s account individually.

How do you reset the parental control password on PS4?

If you have a primary user account on the PSN network, or are using the use password method to change parental controls, you may sometimes forget your password. If you have come across such a situation, don’t worry! Here are some easy steps you can follow to reset the parental control password on PS4 to the default password of 0000:

How to Change Parental Controls on PS4

Note 1 – This method will restore all current settings. However, you will not lose any game data or saved games using this method.

Note 2: You will be signed out of your PSn account on PS4 after doing this method. You can sign in to your account again using your PSN account credentials.

1. Select the Settings option on your PS4.

2. Go to Account Management.

How to Change Parental Controls on PS4

3. Choose the Activate as your primary PS4 option.

4. Press the Deactivate option.

Note: Make sure to enable it again from this menu in the future after completing this entire reset/reset method.

How to Change Parental Controls on PS4

5. Go back to the Configuration menu and select Initialization.

6. Now choose Restore Default Settings option.

7. Select the Reset option on the next menu screen to restore parental controls to default.

Now, you can access the PS4 Parental Controls settings by entering 0000 as the password.

How do you reset parental controls on PS4?

If you want to reset or restore parental controls on PS4 to default settings, please read and follow the steps mentioned above. With the help of these steps, you will not lose any of your PS4 game data or save game files.

How to remove parental control on PS4 without password?

Let’s see the steps to remove parental controls on PS4 without any password and without losing any of your PS4 data.

1. Navigate to the Settings menu on your PS4.

2. Choose Account Management > Activate as your primary PS4.

How to Change Parental Controls on PS4

3. Select the Disable options and return to the Settings menu.

4. Then select Initialization.

5. Choose Restore Default Settings > Restore.

After completing these steps, the password for parental controls will be reset to 0000. Therefore, you can disable or change parental controls by following the same steps mentioned earlier in this article.

How to Change Parental Controls on PS4

Why can’t I change parental controls on PS4?

The PS4 provides parental controls to control the activities of children while playing on the PS4. Kids get very addicted to games especially on PS4 because it offers some of the most amazing features to play 3D games etc. So there must be some limits and restrictions to spend that much time on PS4. But if you are unable to change parental controls on PS4, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • You may have entered the wrong password for the PS4 System Restriction settings.
  • Your PS4 console is experiencing errors or crashes.
  • Your child is under 13, so you cannot disable parental controls.

How to change a child account to a main account?

You cannot change your child’s account to a parent’s account. You must wait until the child turns 18 to use that account as an adult or parent account.


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