How to change the name of a meeting in lifesize?.

How to change the name of a meeting in lifesize? Putting names and description to the meetings is important since the meetings are organized, remember that these remain archived in the company’s lifesize system.

You should know that it is also possible to edit in lifesize the various details that the meetings have, you can even modify the owner of the meeting.

How to change the name of a meeting in lifesize?

Changing or assigning a name to a meeting in lifesize is super easy. Follow the steps below to get it done:

  • Log into your admin console by logging in lifesize.
  • Click on the meeting icon, which is two silhouettes of people in black.
  • Click where you see the name of the lifesize meeting, this opens a tab and edits the meeting.

What can be changed to a lifesize meeting?

In addition to editing information about the lifesize meeting name, you can also do the following:

How to change the name of a meeting in lifesize?

In the lifesize administrator console, enter your session, remember that you must have the password at hand to enter.

  • You can write the name of the lifesize meeting again (put the one that best suits you), you can also enter access codes and decide if you keep the meeting hidden or show it, this is in the tab that says general.
  • In the tab that says functions, you can modify or place the speaker of your lifesize meeting.
  • Enter the recordings tab and with this you will be able to place who can or cannot see the lifesize recordings
  • If you go to the tab that says broadcast, you can activate if you want the meeting to be broadcast live, considering if you have the option in your initial subscription package.

Those who are designated as meeting owners are the ones who decide with whom to share the recordings in the company lifesize, in the same way, the owners of these meetings decide if the meetings can be shared with external people (who are not in the company lifesize group). the company).

How to change the name of a meeting in lifesize?

What can I do as a moderator of a lifesize meeting?

In the case of being a moderator of a lifesize meeting, you will have the ability to execute more actions in the control of the lifesize meeting than the other users and guests. It should be noted that by default any user can be a moderator as long as this has been the moderator. room creator

As a moderator, you will have the option of either activating or deactivating the audio of the other participants, that is, muting them. They also have the opportunity to activate or deactivate various participants within this lifesize space.

How to change the name of a meeting in lifesize?

As a lifesize moderator you choose the date, time, name and topic of the lifesize meeting, as well as decide which participants to include in the meeting and who they can invite from outside. Also, if you are a moderator, you can place keys to the meetings, this to protect the privacy of the meeting.

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