How to change the password of Valorant.

Do not know how to change the password of Valorant? Or have you forgotten it? Don’t worry, I’ll help you change or reset it.

The procedures to follow they are not difficult, indeed, like most games, sites and apps, the steps they are similar and simple to complete. Let’s see what these procedures are.

Change the Valorant password

These simple step by step they will help you change your password for security reasons, or if you have forgot Valorant password and you want to reset it.

How to change the password of Valorant
  • We open the Riot Games recovery page
  • We choose the server of our account, usually it is EUW
  • We insert ours username
  • We will receive on our email the link for change Password
  • Let’s open the link in the email
  • We insert the New password
  • We confirm
  • We will receive a confirmation message password change

I remind you and suggest you not have the same password on different platforms for one greater security of our accounts.

Source : BuzzFeed

How to change the password of Valorant