How to change uniform in Pokémon sword?.

How to change uniform in Pokémon sword? In order to make Pokémon a little different in the new installments, they have been implementing many new features. In case you haven’t noticed, in Pokémon Sword you have the ability to change the uniforms to be able to have your character a little more personalized, of course this that this is not easy at all and you have certain restrictions which we will explain later.

The first thing you should know is that there is a moment in history in which we began to have this type of “skins” or costumes for our character and this occurs right in the first gym, once we have managed to finish the gym challenge. They will give us this garment as a prize, so if you are intuitive you will know that the easiest way to get a new uniform is through the gyms, achieving the challenges.

How to change uniform in Pokémon sword?

How to get unique uniforms?

Apart from the common way there are always more options because or else it would be boring to only have the uniforms that you get with the challenges, the truth is that you can always choose to collect some money to use it and buy the uniforms that you may see them Expensive if you think about the investments you have to make with the poke balls, once you buy the uniforms what you are left with is knowing how to change uniform in pokemon sword which is easier than you think.

Where to buy the uniforms?

As we mentioned there is a section that is to buy the uniforms, but we never said where you can buy them and the truth is that you can get the uniforms in the gym area, there is a section in which you can buy each one at a price of 18 thousand coins, something that normally is not that difficult to get and the good thing about buying it like this is that you have many to choose from, which makes something different and that can differentiate you from the rest.

How to change uniform in Pokémon sword?

What benefits does it bring to us?

The uniforms are really nothing more than a different style and aesthetic, the good thing about using them is that you can see your character differently, you can also choose to try to collect them all and make the game more fun because knowing how to change the uniform in Pokémon sword is a piece of cake, which makes it easy to change them on the fly and choose the one you like best according to your style and what can really define you.

How to change uniform in Pokémon sword?

If what you wanted was to change your uniform while you were carrying out a battle, unfortunately you cannot and within the gym challenges we will always have the typical white outfit, however, if you want to know how to change uniforms in pokemon sword anywhere on the map you always have the option to change your clothes in the changing rooms of any store, all you have to do is choose the one that best suits you.

How to change uniform in Pokémon sword?

In a few accounts, summarizing everything, it can be said that:

  • The outfits can be bought for 18,000 coins
  • The appearance at the time of gym challenges is always the same.
  • You can change uniforms in any store just by going to the fitting room.

How to change uniform in Pokémon sword?