How to check downloaded or purchased apps on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Sometimes it usually happens that we download a considerable number of apps and then, due to lack of use, we delete them from our devices. In my case, I’ve had an iPhone for several years and the number of apps that have passed through my sight have been so many that I couldn’t name them one by one. If you download or buy an app and for some reason you can’t remember what it was as of today, here’s how to check your history of downloaded apps on the App Store.

From games and apps, it is important to know what we have downloaded or bought with the Apple ID

This used to apply when restoring my iPhone or iPad from scratch without backup. It is easy to remember that I use the most popular social networks, as well as messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Although if you try to remember how you had the home screen and the apps that were placed, there you were in trouble.

How to check downloaded or purchased apps on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Maybe the easiest thing would be to take screenshots to remember which apps are installed but it sounds absurd if I try to restore the iPhone or iPad completely. For that it is useful to know our history of downloads or purchases in the App Store. It also serves to rescue an app that you have forgotten on the way back, if you stopped using it at some point in the life of your device. If you have an iPad, it can also help make the experience of downloading compatible apps easier.

How to check downloaded apps in the iPhone and iPad App Store

In this case, it is as simple as going to the App Store on your device and following the steps below:

How to check downloaded or purchased apps on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac
  • Tap the App Store profile icon. If you have a photo uploaded to your Apple ID, it will appear instead of the icon.
  • Next, click on the “Purchases” button.
  • You will be able to see what apps you have downloaded or purchased on your iPhone or iPad. Also which have not been downloaded or purchased on the device in which you are.
  • Apps that are not installed will appear with the cloud icon and you will have the exact date of installation for the first time.
  • Check downloaded apps in the App Store on Mac

    The process here is in two clicks. You have to open the App Store on your Mac and go to your profile with your name and profile picture (or icon).
    This is easier since macOS Mojave, remember that in this operating system the App Store was completely renewed and left behind the minimalist design of macOS High Sierra.

    Just like in the App Store on iPhone and iPad, you’ll be able to see which apps you’ve downloaded or purchased, as well as the original date of first use. It’s sorted by time, so you’ll be able to remember the first app you downloaded with your Apple ID. How curious, isn’t it?

    How to check downloaded or purchased apps on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

    An extra tip for apps downloaded to your iPhone, iPad or Mac

    If you have or are part of an iCloud Family group, this function becomes more relevant. If each member of the group gives access to their account purchases or downloads, you can enter to see what they have downloaded or purchased in both apps and games. It is very useful when you need a paid app and it turns out that a friend or relative bought it before.

    Just enter the apps purchased on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. In the purchase section you will see that the purchases of your Apple ID appear and apart from those of members of the iCloud family group. Enter the member of your preference and verify what has been said. Remember that the member must have the option of shared purchases activated in their personal iCloud settings.

    How to check downloaded or purchased apps on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

    What did you think of this tutorial? Did you already know how to do this? You can share it with a family member or friend who wants to explore their downloaded apps on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. And if you’re part of a family group, don’t miss the opportunity to check out what apps you have in common or a new app you haven’t met before.

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