How to choose V’s lifestyle in Cyberpunk 2077: This game of open world from the creators of The Witcher saga has immense content. But that’s what fans of the genre are looking for. The choice of the main character’s way of life is decisive in the evolution of events. Today, at SamaGame, we explain to you what differences you may encounter when making that momentous decision.


When starting to play Cyberpunk 2077, you will have to take an important decision : play as Nomad, Hustler or Corporrata. This choice determines your character’s starting point on the Night City map and thus the first chapter of the game. Each of these life cycles provides V a different context and the results are very different in the development of the game. It influences the dialog and the search options, as well as providing some advantages and highlighting some peculiarities. Each of these options is associated with certain skills. But you shouldn’t decide based on this. You will enjoy this game more if you choose a personality type similar to yours. Here we describe the differences:


This lifestyle immerses you from the beginning in the deepest hours of the morning. The night will be the backdrop as you help Jenkins defeat a competitor within the Arasaka Corporation organization led by… Arthur Jenkins. The surprises have just begun…

As an ally of this Organization, your characteristics are based on the pillage and deceit ; in the domain of information management and extortion. These skills will make it easier for you to achieve your goals without having to resort to blatantly abusing people.


As Nomad, you will start the game by immersing yourself in the Night City as clansman with whom you decided to share a few years of your wandering life. Your car will have a little problem during the journey and you will have to repair it with the help of a very familiar character. The Nomad Life Trail is located in the Badlands, a great place to learn about the customs and the way of functioning of the clans.

The nomads are very virile and lively. They spread their hormones everywhere they go. V arrives in Night City as a relatively inexperienced ex-Nomad compared to the abilities the other starting points give you, as the emphasis on deception is much less. This way of life is more based on survival.


You will also start in Night City if you start the game as a Hustler. But with one difference: you won’t be anywhere near a skyscraper. They are all old acquaintances in the city and the work is done in the form of business favors and reckoning. The first thing you’ll have to do is settle the debts of a certain bartender with a kind of local mobster. V will have to steal a vehicle from the Arasaka Corporation to please you.

The most remarkable feature of a Hustler is the experience wandering around Night City. V is part of a group of people with interests and similar affinitiesbut also very dangerous. This implies that you will be able to help and find characters that can help you, but don’t fully trust everyone.

Here are some hints on how to choose your starting point in Cyberpunk 2077. Now you won’t have to start the game blindly. Before diving into fabulous world that this CDProjekt game offers you, remember to think carefully about the lifestyle with which you are going to face this experience. This is the advice of your friends at SamaGame. How we are… always thinking of you! Enjoy the open world of Cyberpunk 2077. It’s worth it!