Know how to clone Whatsapp and use two profiles at the same time It can be useful for people who have multiple phones and want to have the app on all of them. If you have a business phone and a private phone, this tutorial can help you.

Some Samsung devices, for example, have the so-called dual messenger, but the feature is not available on all models. Some Android devices already have the feature natively, while other devices need third-party apps to enable the functionality.

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From trick library we show you how clone WhatsApp natively and with third-party applications.

How to clone WhatsApp natively

If your mobile phone has an Android system, you probably have native features that allow you to have two WhatsApp in parallel. However, since it is not a standard feature, only some phone manufacturers have introduced this possibility. Next we show you how to clone whatsapp natively on android with different devices.

How to use Dual Messenger on Samsung devices

  • Go to «setting«.
  • Touch «advanced features«.
  • Now touch «dual messenger” and activate the WhatsApp switchp next to the icon.
  • Once a message appears requesting permission to install the second WhatsApp, tap “Install” and then “Confirm«.
  • Open the cloned WhatsApp applicationwhich will have an orange mark.
  • Enter the other account (mobile number you want to add), and that can be confirmed by SMS.
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    How to use dual apps on Xiaomi devices

  • Go to «setting«.
  • Now touch «dual applications” and turn on whatsapp switch next to the icon.
  • The cloned WhatsApp app will be installed and when you open it, it will be indicated by a yellow tick.
  • Log in with the other user account you want to use.
  • Other manufacturers

    For other manufacturers, you need to open «Setting» and look for the function that allows you to duplicate applications, whose names are shown below.

    • Oppo: Clone apps.
    • Alive: app clone.
    • Asus: twin apps.
    • Huawei and Honor: AppTwin.

    How to clone WhatsApp with third-party applications

    If your phone does not have installed features capable of allowing WhatsApp mirroring, it will still be possible to open the application with two different accounts, using third-party applications available on the Play Store.

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    These free apps like 2Accounts and Parallel Space They do exactly the same thing as the vendor-installed features we’ve mentioned: they open a new instance of the app and allow it to be used with two different profiles. To download the apps, just search for them on google play store.

    How to use parallel space

  • Download and install the application on your mobile.
  • Open it, tap «Start» and wait for the installed applications to be detected.
  • Select the WhatsApp icon and tap «Add to Parallel Space«.
  • Once Parallel Space clones WhatsApp, tap on the app icon.
  • Sign in with another user account.
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    After completing this step, whenever you want to use the second WhatsApp account or other duplicate messaging app, go to Parallel Space first, as it does not create shortcuts to your smartphone’s desktop.

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