How to configure PCSX2 1.4.0? When we talk about equipment for games and videos we must say that they are quite a tecnologic world of great advances. In the article that we are responsible for developing at this time, we will talk precisely about the configuration required for the PCSX2 emulator. Continue reading our article and learn more about it.

How to make PCSX2 games go faster?

One of the options that the Emulator allows us, is that the games can advance at higher speeds. To achieve such objectives, the configurations may be made by the users of the program themselves. In this sense, they should some steps which we will determine below.

Steps to follow so that my PCSX2 games are faster

Regarding this functionwe will do the following:

  • As a first step we must verify the requirements of the equipment or computer.
  • It is important to lower the screen resolution of the computer.
  • Next we disable the debugging window.
  • The use of a frame constraint is required.
  • As a final step we must release memory.

How do I configure the PCSX2 plugins?

Another option to achieve a good management of the video games in computers that use the PCSX22 Emulator, it is precisely in carrying out a correct configuration at the level of all the drivers. In this sense, we have already reviewed how to make the emulator allow a greater speed in games Now it is up to us to know how to configure the plugins. For this purpose we must perform the following steps.

Procedure to configure PCSX2 Emulator plugins

In this regard we do the following:

  • First we will have to open the PCSX2 emulator on the equipment or computer where it is installed, then click on the “Configure” option, it is located within the best menu.
  • After what was done previously, we must click on the section of “Setting” and from the PCSX2 Emulator configuration menu, we can see the necessary options.
  • Later we must click on the area of “graphics” and then “GSdx 890”, which will remain as the default settings of the graphics plug-in.

How can you activate turbo mode in PCSX2?

For this type of procedure we only have to choose the option of the box with the mention of “Turbo”, this from the area of “Set Shortcut”, located in the window area, in this way we will achieve activation satisfactorily. Through the “Turbo” option it is possible to accelerate or automate the process click quickly and on a specific button, while it is pressed.

What if I want to remove PCXS2 from my computer?

In case you no longer like the app or emulatorWhat we must do is the following:

  • Within the location area, we place “PCSX22 – Playstation 2 Emulator”, after that we will view all the records of the program itself, from the database, it will be compatible with our Windows computer. Next we will see other windows that will launch the download and import of the data to the user’s account Revo Uninstaller Pro.
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