How to configure the vibration of the dualsense controller? Together and with characteristics that are typical of Sony brand consoles, another of the main scoops is the evolutionary aspect of its game controller: as would its new ‘DualSense’.

For which it presents an innovative design in reference to its predecessor, providing relevant and significant improvements in the entire immersed experience of all users and, jointly, it can be used in ‘Steam’ when connecting to your computer.

Therefore and consequently, in this section we will show you some generalities that we hope will be of great support. when the user requires the configuration of the vibration of the dualsense controller

How does Setting the vibration of the dualsense controller work?

He DualSense it is an instrument that links the player directly to his game. Being Sony the one that has transformed containing the novelties that are as important as the case of the ´haptic feedbackwhich resides in the composition of 02 activators within the new generations producing ‘vibration ideal dynamics for the reproduction of new shocks and with greater reality.

Being another of the most primordial scoops that of the ‘adaptive triggers. For which and when we manipulate the buttons we will appreciate its incomparable levels of strength as well as tension in order to have more reasonable sensations.

  • In this way, for when you have to wield weapons, such as a bow for example, its intensity at the moment of pulling the trigger is different from what we will appreciate when a pistol is fired.
  • Even internally with firearms this would not be the same as being fired by a 9mm. that in case a revolver. This and finally we correspond to mention some more transcendental novelties, such as the creation of a button to create. Which will be located on the side of a cross in the form of buttons with direction to the middle of the left on your command control.

Configuration of the vibration of the Dual Sense Controller.

The configuration of this option lies in the fact that you can do it quickly and easily, for which you can configure it as follows.

  • Connect with the controller to the PC via a ´USB-C´ cable waiting for the ´Windows´ system to mechanically install to your controller.
  • Now and once it is installed, you will touch the icon for the speaker which will be located in your lower right corner of your screen, where your time will be displayed. Establishing your speaker with the remote that is wireless, as a measure of output of your audio.
  • Display your Control Panel by clicking on Sound. Starting from there, click on the audio output present by selecting the properties button, right at the bottom.
  • Click on ´Enhancements´, in the third tab to your left in the ´pop-up window´. Marking in the box adjacent to ‘Filling your speakers’ for which you will click on apply.
  • You will restart the application for spotify so that it starts with “haptic” playback. Every time you launch the app again, you would reciprocate the ability to appreciate your music.