How to Connect Two Monitors to One PC.

How to connect two monitors to a PC

Previous requirements

  • two monitors
  • A graphics card capable of supporting multiple monitors
  • VGA, DVI, or HDMI cables


  • Make sure the monitors and the card are turned off.
  • Connect monitors to the graphics card’s video out port with a VGA, DVI, or HDMI cable. Note:You must use cables of the same category to connect the two monitors, for example, if you use an HDMI cable to connect one monitor, you must use another to connect the other monitor.
  • Turn on the PC and monitors.


  • Go to the display driver settings in your system settings. It is usually located under the Control Panel > Display Settings.
  • Click on the button Extend This Screen or Set as Primary Screen to assign the display settings you want for each monitor.
  • Change monitor parameter settings such as brightness, color, and resolution, if necessary.
  • Save the settings and exit the settings menu.


Your monitors will now be successfully configured and connected to your PC. This will lead you to experience better image quality for your games, videos, and work, among other things.

How to use 2 monitors on PC?

Set up dual monitors in Windows Select Start, then Settings, Under System, select Display, Use the drop-down list next to the desktop image to choose how the screen will be projected to all displays, Once you’ve chosen your settings, select Apply , and then OK. Your computer should now display content on both monitors. If you have any difficulty using both monitors, see your computer’s documentation for instructions.

How to Connect Two Monitors to One PC

How to connect 3 monitors to a Windows 10 PC?

How to Connect 3 Independent Monitors to my PC… – YouTube

To connect three monitors to a Windows 10 PC, you need different video ports, such as DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI, and a dedicated video card to mirror your display. If your computer does not have enough video ports, you will need an additional video card that you purchase separately.

How to Connect Two Monitors to One PC

If you have the necessary video ports, follow these simple steps to connect three monitors to your Windows 10 PC:

1. Click Start and Settings to open the Settings screen.

How to Connect Two Monitors to One PC

2. Click on System and select the Multiscreen tab.

3. Click Extend these displays to extend your displays to other monitors.

How to Connect Two Monitors to One PC

4. Now connect the monitors to the PC using the available video ports.

5. If you have the option to Duplicate or Extend these screens, select the one you want.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, your Windows 10 PC should be able to mirror or extend the screen to the connected monitors.

How to Connect Two Monitors to One PC

What do I need to connect 2 monitors to a laptop?


To connect two monitors to your laptop you need:

1. An external video adapter compatible with your laptop. This will allow you to connect the monitors to a video port on your computer. External video adapters are in various forms such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, DisplayPort adapter. Depending on the available video port on your laptop, you will need a specific adapter.
For example, if your laptop has both HDMI and DVI ports, you’ll need a DVI to HDMI adapter to connect a second monitor to your laptop.

How to Connect Two Monitors to One PC

2. The corresponding cables to connect the external video adapter to the monitor. These cables run from the video adapter to each monitor. Securely connect a cable to each monitor.

3. Configure the connected monitors using the Windows Control Panel. Once the monitors are connected to the external video adapter, open Control Panel in Windows to select the connected monitors and then add a dual configuration.

While these steps should get the two monitors connecting to your laptop without issue, we recommend that you make sure that the external video adapter you use is compatible with your laptop. This will ensure that the monitors work as expected.