How to contact Philips

Phillips is one of the most famous companies in the field of technology, providing various products for health care, audio and video, lighting, microprocessors, CDs and small appliances. Like any other self-respecting company, the Dutch multinational (based in Amsterdam) also offers its own customer service. We have decided to make a guide in which we explain how to contact Philips using various methods. Let’s not get lost in the talk and find out how to do it now.

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How to contact Philips by phone

The Dutch company offers a Number series that you can contact depending on the product you have. As there are many, you can access them by entering the page Contact Philips Spain and choose one of the following categories Select the product category and available contact options (Audio and video, Products for mothers and children, illuminationand, Accessories, Personal care, Home’s products and Car industry).

If you have other concerns, assistance or questions about personal data, you can contact the number Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (excluding holidays). Calls made to this number may be paid. Additional charges depending on the rate profile.

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If you are seeking support for products and services that involve Philips HealthcareInstead, you can call the numbers + for business information and 800.232.100 to put you in contact with the technical service.

How to contact Philips online

The well-known Amsterdam company offers a number of solutions that you can use online to contact customer service to resolve a problem or if you have any questions.

The first solution is to use the Select the product category and available contact options present on the page Contact Philips Spain and choose one of the available categories. In this case, in addition to the telephone number, you will be offered the possibility of to submit a service request through a service request form, send an e-mail, start a live chat talk to an operator or a link to directly access the Philips Support Forum.

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If you are looking for a user manual, warranty documents, software updates or FAQs, then an online section full of content for you to take advantage of. Within this, in fact, you can choose the category to which your product belongs or search for it entering the code which you can easily find by clicking on Where can I find the product model?. Also, you can spare parts and accessories searchRegister your purchased product and much more.

Another solution offered by Phillips Its the fill out a contact form to be sent directly to the company, accessible from the appropriate link. Specifically, you have to enter the type of product, the code, the date of purchase, the serial number, enter the comment, fill in the different fields with personal data, etc.

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a service of live chat (accessible by clicking on start chat which is in the section Other questions, assistance or doubts about personal data of page Contact Philips Spain) but currently it doesn’t seem to work.

How to contact Philips via social media

The last two solutions to get in touch with the customer service of the Dutch multinational is to take advantage of social networks Facebook and Twitter. Here’s how.


  • From your default browser, go to the official fan page by Philips Italy and click Send a message if you don’t see the chat window at the bottom right.
  • inside the field Write a message… Please describe the problem or concern including other information such as personal information and product code.
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If it’s been a long time and you still haven’t received a response from customer service at PhillipsWe recommend that you comment on the last post shared on the Page.


  • Connect to Twitter by Philips Italy using your preferred browser and click send tweet which you can find in the left sidebar.
  • Next, write the request that you want to send to the company’s customer service, paying attention to do not include any personal information since it is a public message. Send the tweet by clicking Tweets.

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