How to control Fanged in Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon: Forbidden West is the latest game in the Horizon franchise that was released recently for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. This open world action adventure follows Aloy as she explores and conquers the American West. A highlight of this game is Aloy’s new addition, Fanged, a very helpful companion, support, and friend.

Learning to control Fanged is important to completing challenges and quests, so here are some tips and tricks for controlling Fanged in Horizon: Forbidden West:

1. Use the Tusked Command Button

In the game menu you will have an exclusive button for Fanged Commandos, which you must use so that he meets the objectives you have. You will be able to instruct Fanged to explore an area and discover hidden treasures or to jump to a specific zone. The number of available orders increases as you progress through the game.

2. Attract attention

Fanged can attract the attention of the enemies present in the world of Horizon: Forbidden West, take advantage of this to gain the advantage and better position yourself near them and even to distract them. Fanged is also a great ally for melee combat, both in distraction direction and in direct combat, this if it has reached the level where it can be an ally in battles.

3. Use weapons and abilities

In addition to the jump and scan commands, Fanged also has weapons and abilities that can be unlocked by progressing through the game. These are very useful for exterminating objectives and unlocking resources. Some of these abilities include lightning, electricity, fire, blows and kicks that can save lives in certain cases.

4. Tusked Upgrades

Fanged’s gear extends his abilities and can be upgraded to amplify his power. This can be done by creating and using special upgrades. Some of these upgrades include a war mechanism, a battle horn to lure enemies, and a jump rope to cover long distances.

Tips and tricks:

  • Use the Fanged command button to tell you to do specific tasks.
  • distracts enemies with the help of Fanged.
  • make sure to have the skills and weapons unlocked for Fanged.
  • Improvement continuously the ability of Fanged to increase his powers.

We hope these tips on how to control Fanged will help you on your Horizon Forbidden West adventure. Luck!

How to control Fanged in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is the latest game from the developer Guerrilla Games. It allows you to become Aloy, an adventurous protagonist in the epic of exploring a model kingdom since the post-apocalypse. Exploring the unknown land in search of answers, Aloy discovers terrifying events and mysterious creatures.

Control Fanged with these tricks!

Fanged is an impressive creature with many unique powers. To control it with the greatest skill, remember to follow these simple tips.

• Sensitive moods: Fang’s state of mind is very important for him to perform well when fighting. Pay attention to his emotions and try to calm him when he is anxious or afraid.

• Flight simulation: Fanged has the unique ability to fly to transport himself and attack his enemies. A level of precision is required to achieve flawless flights, so practice flight simulation.

• Release your enemies: When you’ve defeated your enemies, use Fanged’s ability to free them. This will allow you to have fun while bringing the world back to life.

Advantages of controlling Fanged

Controlling Fanged will allow you to complete quests, discover beautiful landscapes and discover incredible treasures. Plus, you can use it to go places Aloy couldn’t get to. Here are some of the big advantages of controlling Fanged:

  • Exploration: With Fanged you will be able to explore the landscapes to the maximum and discover all their secrets.
  • Force: Fanged is a strong and tough creature with a lot of stamina, so you can use it to control enemies.
  • endurance: Fanged’s stamina is incredible, so you can spend a lot of time fighting without getting fatigued.

Experience the forbidden horizon of the west with Fanged

Now that you know the tricks and benefits of controlling Fanged, you’re ready to experience the Forbidden Horizon of the West with this awesome companion! Good luck!

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