How to control the brightness of the iPhone flashlight. In the old days, you had to download flashlight apps in order to activate the flash light and use it as a makeshift flashlight on your iPhone. However, currently you can perform the procedure natively.

After the release of iOS 7 around the year 2013, the camera flash might finally start to work. be used as a flashlighteffectively removing hundreds of apps that existed on the App Store for this very purpose.

From trick library we show you step by step how to control iPhone flashlight brightness. Shall we start?

How to activate the flashlight on iPhone step by step

To activate the flashlight of your iPhone, you will have to do it via the iOS Control Center, being able to even control its brightness. Here we show you the procedure:

Step 1. Add flashlight to Control Center

First of all, Confirm that the flashlight is included in the Control Center of your iPhone. Otherwise, go to Setting and touch the option «Control center«.

On the next screen, you will find a list of the eElements added to your Control Center. At the bottom of the list will be the items that are not included. Confirm that the flashlight has been added.

Step 2. Activate the flashlight of your iPhone

drag down top right on the screen to access Control Center on your iPhone.

Look for the flashlight icon and click on it to turn on the flash on your iPhone.

Step 3. Control the brightness of the flashlight

With the flash on, hold holding the flashlight icon for a few seconds. will open a intensity level bar on the screen. Drag the intensity level bar up or down to control flashlight brightness from your iPhone.

If you follow these simple steps you can control the brightness of your iPhone’s flashlight. We hope this short guide has been useful to you. If you now want to know how to create a flashlight shortcut on your phone, keep reading!

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