How to control the iPhone camera with Apple Watch. Do you know when you put your iPhone in a position, activate the 10 second timer and run out to be in the photo? Well, if you prefer a more practical solution, you can use Apple Watch as iPhone camera control.

With the camera app on watchyou can control the view and commands of your iPhone camera, either the front or the rear camera. In this way, you only need place your device where it is standing and position yourself for the photowithout having to run.

How to control the iPhone camera with Apple Watch

And there’s even more: to take more photos, you don’t even have to move from your position. Through your smart watch, you can take as many photos as you want, as well as adjust the Flash if necessary, or even activate a 3 second timer. The modes available in the Camera app are:

  • Photography.
  • Portrait.
  • Video.
  • Slow motion.
  • Lapse of time.

To use any of the modes, you have to manually change it on the iPhone itself. then find out how to control iPhone camera with Apple Watch:

How to control the iPhone camera with Apple Watch step by step

  • Place the iPhone in a fixed location. Then on Apple Watch, open the Camera app.
  • On iPhone, the Camera app will open automatically. Can you do settings via clock before you start shooting by tapping on the three-dot button.
  • If you switch apps on iPhone, the Camera app it will show an option to open it again on the smartphone.
  • In the options of the three points you will find a series of settings:
    • 3 second timer when you click to shoot.
    • Functions of Live Photos, Flash and HDR.
    • Choose which iPhone camera you want to controlfront or rear.
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  • To shoot, just tap the shutter button on the watch face. If you have the timer on, you will feel a light touch touch every second of the timerand then a larger tap once the photo is taken.
  • Check the result of the photo by tapping the thumbnail or camera roll on your iPhone.
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