Although Google and Microsoft are competitors, they are cooperating more than they used to. For example, you can now tell your Google Assistant to launch games, control media, or capture gameplay on your Xbox One.

How to connect your Xbox One to the Google Assistant

Because this feature is still technically in its beta phase, you’ll need to go through three additional steps before you can connect your Xbox One to the Google Assistant in the Google Home app.

To get started, go to Xbox for Google Assistant Beta Google Group and click “Join Group.” Make sure you’re signed in to the same account that’s connected to your devices with the Google Assistant.

Next, make sure your Xbox One is turned on and you’re signed in to the Microsoft account you want to connect to the Google Assistant.

Finally, make sure your Xbox One is set up to connect with digital services like Google Assistant. To enable this, go to System > Settings > Devices & streaming > Digital assistants and select the “Enable digital assistants” option.

Once these settings are in place, open the Google Home app on your Android or Apple device. If the “Connect Microsoft Xbox” button appears at the top, press it.

If this button doesn’t appear, tap the plus sign (+) at the top left of the app. Select “Set up device”, choose “Already have something set up?” option, and then find and select “Xbox”.

You can now continue with the prompts to sign in to your Microsoft account in the Google Home app.

You will receive an email from Microsoft confirming that a new application has established access. Assign your Xbox One to the room you want. If you ever need to change settings or unpair this connection, select Xbox One under the room you’ve assigned it to, and then tap the Cog icon. You can also remotely turn your Xbox One on and off from this screen.

How to control your Xbox One with the Google Assistant

Now that you’ve connected your Xbox One with the Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to control the following features after your “Ok Google” keywords:

Turn Xbox on or off
restart Xbox
Tap on Xbox
open or launch on Xbox
Switch to on Xbox
Record that on Xbox (for videos)
Take a screenshot on Xbox (for photos)
Pause or stop Xbox
Resume or start Xbox
Rewind or Previous
Fast forward or next
Turn the volume up or down on Xbox
Mute or unmute Xbox

As always, it’s helpful to specify the device you want the Google Assistant to control. If you changed the name of your Xbox One, you can use that name as well.

As long as your command is successfully registered with your Google Assistant, your icon and your command will appear on your Xbox One screen. Just beware of others who may appear to be controlling your Xbox One for you.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to test the ability to add more than one Xbox to a single Google Assistant. However, according to the Google Assistant for Xbox website, this should be possible.