To be honest, when browsing the “internet” I can rarely be surprised by something. It would seem that I have seen everything. Well, almost everything. However, as they say, “almost” makes a difference, and in this case, a significant one. At first, I thought it was actually some kind of fake, joke, fun. When I started to look at the whole thing much closer, it turned out that, after all, no one is making jokes here, and the whole thing is taken very seriously. What are we talking about? I’ll explain everything soon.

All “best”

I realize that currently everyone wants to have something “the best” – the fastest, the most efficient, the most powerful or the newest. This desire to possess begins to obscure the world a bit and probably most of you catch yourself in a situation where you ask yourself “But why do I need it?”. Some people, after asking themselves such a question, start to let go of the subject and do not go further. However, some are definitely more determined and pursue the set goal.

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In the case of having the latest generation of devices from a given manufacturer, it looks very similar. On average, once a year the largest manufacturers of mobile equipment release new generations of their smartphones or tablets. It often happens that the differences between individual lines are cosmetic. That’s what they added a little more RAM, we have better camera software or an additional lens. The changes are not revolutionary, and you have to pay dearly for such new equipment. Assuming that we will be able to sell our previous phone at a good price, we still have to add about PLN 1,000 to such a business on average. Expensive for a year of phone use. However, some inventive people have found a business in this area. What? For a good dozen zlotys, we can convert our old iPhone X or XS into the latest model from the 11th generation. Anyone would be tempted by such an offer.

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How to save a few thousand zlotys?

The solution is child’s play. Stores on Aliexpress or Allegro offer special stickers for the lens, which “magically” add another camera to us. In fact, after gluing it and putting on the right case, the whole thing looks like an iPhone 11 at first glance. In terms of design, the latest generations of devices from the American giant from Cupertino are not much different. The fronts remained unchanged. On the other hand, on the back there was a large island with three lenses, which, by the way, was heavily criticized at the premiere and considered one of the ugliest solutions of this type in the case of smartphones. However, the desire to have the latest version of the phone, and actually the desire of friends, passers-by and the whole world that we use the latest version of the Apple phone wins over common sense. Of course, “Who will forbid the rich?”. And in all this, inventive entrepreneurs who partly take advantage of our weakness for things “the best” earn money. On the other hand, if such accessories are created, why should we not use them? It’s always an extra few points to fejmu.

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If you had the opportunity to convert your old phone into the latest generation for a few zlotys, would you do it? What do you think about this solution? Let me know in the comments.

PS The above text is not intended to offend anyone and is prepared with a grain of salt. I’m just giving you my subjective opinion on the whole situation.