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Have you downloaded some M4A format audio files from the internet but try to start them with the music player you usually use and can’t play them? So why not try to solve the problem by converting them all to MP3? It is simple and fast and there are also many tools suitable for this purpose. If you want, I can explain what resources to use and especially how to use them.

With this article of mine today I would like to illustrate how to convert m4a to mp3 thanks to specific computer software but, if you do not want to download new programs, even using specific web services, accessible directly from the browser window and without having to download anything on your PC. Great, don’t you think?

Ah, almost forgotten, to use these tools it is not absolutely necessary to be great experts in computing and new technologies. First, because you can count on my help and my explanations, and second, because, by their very nature, they are quite practical software that can be used without problems by any type of user. So? What would you say to put the small talk aside and get started? You? Very good I wish you, as always, a good read.

MediaHuman Audio Converter (Windows / Mac)

The first resource to convert M4A to MP3 that I want to introduce to you is MediaHuman Audio Converter. It is an excellent audio converter available for free and usable on both Windows and Mac. It allows you to convert all major audio file formats currently present in the square, including, obviously, those in question. It also has a simple user interface but at the same time well maintained and very intuitive.

To download the software on your Windows PC, connect to its official website and click on the button discharge then open the installation package of the program (eg. MHAudioConverter.exe ), press Yeah and select the option I accept the terms of the license agreement. Then click following four times in a row and complete the installation procedure by first pressing install and then final.

If, on the other hand, what you are using is a Mac, after downloading MediaHuman Audio Converter on your PC by following the instructions I gave you above, open the package in format dmg that contains the software and drag the icon of the latter to the folder Applications from the PC Then right click on its icon and select the item open twice in a row to bypass Apple’s limitations on third-party developers.

Once the program window appears on the desktop, drag the audio files to convert them, expand the dropdown menu Format that is in the upper right and select the element MP3 from the first menu attached to the other window that was opened. Then set the desired quality for the output file (eg. stereo, 44100Hz, 320kbps ) in the second menu and press the button near to save all settings. If you prefer, instead of dragging the files into the window, you can also select them manually by clicking the button + (plus symbol) Which is at the top.

Finally, click on the button with the two arrows located at the top right and wait a few minutes for the entire file conversion process to start and complete. By default, the converted tracks will be saved in the folder music> Convert by MediaHuman PC, but if you want, you can change the path by clicking the button Wrench attached to the software window and modifying the path it finds in the wording Output folder.

Freemake Audio Converter (Windows)

Another very valuable software that you can consider to convert audio files from M4A to MP3 format is Freemake Audio Converter. It is a small free program specifically for Windows operating systems that, as its name suggests, offers the ability to convert audio files of various types. Apart from the basic function, it also integrates some advanced features through which it is possible to extract audio from movies and merge multiple audio files into one song. In short, try it now and you’ll see that you won’t be able to do without it anymore.

To immediately download it to your PC, linked to your home page, click the button free download placed in the center and then open the file you just received (eg. FreemakeAudioConverterStup.exe ). Then click it and then in Well To set the Italian language, remove the check mark next to the option to send data to Freemake for product improvement and click following twice in a row If you are prompted to install additional software, uncheck the relative names and click again following then press final.

Now, drag the M4A files you want to convert to the program window or select them by first clicking the button + Audio Which is at the top. Then click the button MP3 placed at the bottom, modify, if necessary, the profile used through the appropriate drop-down menu profiles and make sure that the path given in the input Keep in is to your liking (if not, modify it) then press the button convert and wait for the conversion procedure to start first and then complete.

If you need to make further adjustments to the settings of the final audio file, click the button with the gear wheel before starting the conversion and intervene in channels, simple rate and bit rate.

Free Audio Converter (Windows)

The software that I have already proposed to you has not been able to particularly attract your attention and are you still looking for a torment that allows you to convert your M4A audio files to MP3 on Windows? then contact Free audio converter. It is free software that works with all the most popular audio file formats. It’s an extremely valid program, even if you have to take into account the fact that it applies an audio watermark to the beginning and end of tracks (which, however, can be removed by switching to the paid version of the software).

To download it to your PC, you connect to their website and press the button discharge. After the download is complete, open the installation file obtained (eg. FreeAudioConverter.exe ) and click first YeahThen in Well to confirm the use of the Italian language and later its following twice in a row and then up accept.

Once the setup procedure is complete, you will see the program window appear on the desktop. To start using it, click the button + Add file at the top left and choose the songs in M4A format that you want to convert to MP3. Alternatively, you can also drag the files you want to act directly into the application window. then the option convert to MP3 from the dropdown menu located at the top left and possibly manually set the bitrate of the output files using the dropdown menu at the top right.

Finally, press the button convert twice in a row, wait for it to start and complete the conversion process and then click on the icon of it file next to each song name to directly open the folder where the MP3 files were saved.

Apowersoft Video Converter (Online)

Contrary to what the name implies, the video converter from apowersoft is a free tool that can be used directly from the web browser window that allows you to intervene even on audio files. It supports the most popular formats, including the ones in question, has a very elegant user interface, and does not impose any limitations on file upload size. The only thing that needs to be emphasized is the fact that in order to use it, you need to install a special launcher on your PC.

You ask me how to use it? Nothing could be simpler! Just to get started, go to the home page of the service, click the button Select the files to start and then press download launcher to immediately download the launcher to your PC.

Then open the file you just downloaded from the site, click on Well and, from the new window that you see appear on the desktop, select the files in M4A format to convert. Then select the format MP3 from the menu Format located at the bottom, then press the button convert which is always at the bottom and finally indicates the starting position. At the end of the procedure, you will find the converted file exactly at the position indicated above.

If you need, before starting the conversion procedure, you can also change the settings of the final audio file by clicking the button settings always present at the bottom and then on the card Audio. You can then adjust bitarats, channels, and sample rates as you see fit.

123aps Audio Converter (Online)

As an alternative to the online service mentioned above, I advise you to contact audio converter. It works in any web browser and you don’t have to download anything to your PC to use it. The only thing you need, as a web service, is of course the Internet connection.

To use it, first make sure you connect to your main page and then press the button open files in the number 1 and select the M4A song on your PC that you want to convert. Alternatively, you can upload the file to convert Google Drive or of Dropboxafter clicking on the relevant elements or from the web, select the option url and writing in the corresponding link.

So wait for the file upload to start and complete, then make sure to press the button mp3 in the number 2 (and if not, please provide) and press convert to start the conversion procedure.

Then you can download the converted file to your PC by clicking the button discharge (the file will be saved in the folder dischargeunless you have changed the default settings of your web browser) or you can store it directly in the cloud, in your Google Drive and / or Dropbox account by clicking on the relevant links.

Finally, before converting your M4A files to MP3, you can modify the audio quality using the appropriate adjustment bar on the screen. By default, the quality is set to standard. You can also access advanced settings by clicking the button advanced settings and edit the file information by pressing Modify track information.

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